Monthly Archive: October 2012

Oct 29

Quarterstaff Tomb of the Setmoth One of my first experiences with the Fantasy Role-Playing Game genre, Quarterstaff will always be one of my favorite games. It still holds up reasonably well, too, partly because of the need for resource management and the lack of ‘leveling’ mechanics in the game. A player can go in hack-and-slash, killing everything, only to …

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Oct 11

Diablo 3 Monk Survivability Model v1.1.1 The big change with v1.1.1 is the model now outputs a new ‘DPS Attribute Estimates’ section, showing the relative value of each applicable stat for increasing your (single-target) DPS, displayed either in DPS or as a number of Dexterity-equivalents (selectable). To complement this new feature, the item comparison tool now also outputs the DPS …

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