Chrono Trigger Walkthrough Part 1

The basic objective of this walkthrough is to get EVERY item in the game, including every single tab. As anyone who has played Chrono Trigger much before is well aware of, getting every piece of equipment in the game is not particularly difficult. What is more difficult, however, is getting every tab (the items that permanently raise abilities).  The difficulty in getting every tab revolves mostly around the creature called Spekkio, an optional (you don’t ever have to actually defeat him) boss found at The End of Time. He takes on a number of different forms, depending on the level of the highest-level character in your party. Each time you defeat him in a new form, he gives you at least one tab, and so if you are trying to get every tab, you must defeat him in each of his forms. This said, the first challenge of the game is getting to Spekkio while he is still in his first form (it looks like a Croaker or Amphibite), which can only be done if your party is below level 10!  Many guides don’t even mention that Spekkio HAS a Croaker form, which leads me to suspect that most people have never seen him. Yes, he does exist, at least in the SNES version of the game (I don’t have the PSX version).

To do this, the basic strategy is to run from EVERY fight (hold down L and R at the start of a fight to attempt to run away), until you defeat Spekkio in his Croaker form. This walkthrough is meant for players already familiar with the Chrono Trigger storyline.  I do not include many of the storyline events (talks with NPC’s, etc.).. basically, if you don’t know the story, you won’t know why you’re doing the prescribed activities and events.

Chapter 1 – The Millennial Fair

Chrono’s House – 1000 A.D.

Items: 200G

Talk to Chrono’s mom a second time (after naming Lucca) to get your allowance of 200G.


Mayor’s Manor – 1000 A.D.

Items: Tonic, 300G, 100G

Upstairs, talk to the old guy who tells you about techniques twice to get 300G.


Guardia Forest 1000 A.D. Power Tab

Guardia Forest – 1000 A.D.

Items: Power Tab

A quick trip into the forest is definitely worth it for an early jump on the Power Tab here.  It’s located in the southeastern part of the forest, against the far right edge of the screen.  You should be able to get it and then get back out of the forest without fighting anything.  A note on Tabs..  just give them all to Crono.. eventually you’ll max out his speed, but until that point just keep feeding him every Tab you come across.


Leene Square – 1000 A.D.

Purchase a Bronze Helm, a Karate Gi, and an Iron Blade for Chrono. Equip these, and sell off the old equipment. Normally, saving up for the Lode Sword is an excellent idea.. it’s a lot more powerful than the Iron Blade. However, if you are really serious about doing literally everything, you MUST avoid all possible battles so you won’t be able to afford one. Bump into Marle, and talk to her BEFORE going to get the pendant. Take the cat to the little girl. Visit the armor shop again, and then head North to Lucca. Stand still while Marle is buying candy.


Chapter 2 – The Queen Returns

Truce Canyon – 600 A.D.

Items: Tonic, PowerGlove

The first battles of the game happen here.  While you must fight the first battle (you can’t run), you want to run from or avoid every other encounter. Make sure to get the two chests here. Crono already has a high speed even without the Bandana so I usually equip him with the PowerGlove right away, and give the Bandana to Lucca when she joins you.


Guardia Forest 600 A.D. Power Tab

Guardia Forest – 600 A.D.

Items: Power Tab, Shelter

The Power Tab is located in almost the same place in this time as it was in 1000 A.D.  It’s right next to a rock in the southeastern part of the forest.  One of the moving bushes contains a Kilwala that runs off when you find it, dropping a Shelter.  Again, run from every fight.


Guardia Castle – 600 A.D.

Items: 100 G, BronzeMail, Ether (x2), Tonic

The castle has four side areas, and you’ll want to explore each of them. The first left leads down to a chamber where you can sleep and restore lost HP. The first right leads to the kitchen and a chest.  Left from the King’s room leads up to the King’s bedroom, where you get the BronzeMail (remember to get the chest on the way up too), and right from the King’s room you’ll find Marle and two more chests. Talk to Marle, and then exit the castle. Lucca will catch up as you get downstairs.


Chapter 3 – The Queen is Gone

Guardia Forest – 600 A.D.

Items: Shelter

You can get the shelter from the Kilwala in the bush every time you go through the forest.. never spend money on Shelters again!  Continue running from every fight.


Market – 600 A.D.

Because you did all that running, you will only have enough money to purchase a single Bronze Helm.  Equip Lucca with it.


Cathedral – 600 A.D.

Talk to the organ-playing nun, then pick up the shiny object which appears. The nuns transform and attack you.  Even at your very low levels, they won’t be able to kill you. Frog joins the group after this fight.


Truce Inn – 600 A.D.

Given you will be very hurt after this fight, pay the 10G to rest at the Inn.


Cathedral – 600 A.D.

Items: Power Tab, Revive, Tonic (x3), MaidenSuit, Ether (x2), SteelSaber, 100G, Defender, Speed Belt, Shelter, Heal, Iron Sword, Mid Ether, Naga-ette Bromide

Play the organ to open the secret door.


Boss: Yakra
HP 920

Flame Whirl and X Strike both work well against Yakra, although I would recommend the exclusive use of Flame Whirl, partly because it does slightly more damage than X Strike, and also because it saves Frog for healing people with Slurp. Yakra has a several attacks that hit all three characters at once, so be sure to keep everyone at reasonable HP.

Get both chests after the battle, and then talk with the queen to return to the castle.


Guardia Castle – 600 A.D.

Head back to the tower where Marle disappeared, and she will rejoin your group.  Rest in the Knight’s Quarters before leaving.


Guardia Forest – 600 A.D.

Items: Shelter

Get yet another Shelter from the Kilwala in the bush here.  Again, run from everything.


Market – 600 A.D.

Now that you have money, fully equip both Marle and Lucca.  Remember to sell off the old equipment afterwards.


Truce Canyon – 600 A.D.

Head back through the canyon to the spot where you arrived through the gate.  Continue running from every fight.  Lucca will use her new Gate Key and take you back to 1000AD.


Chapter 4 – We’re Back!

Leene Square – 1000 A.D.

Talk to Melchior, and say NO to seeing if Marle will sell her pendant.


Market – 1000 A.D.

Buy an Iron Bow and a MaidenSuit for Marle.  Sell the old equipment.


Guardia Forest – 1000 A.D.

Keep up the running strategy.


Chapter 5 – The Trial

Guardia Castle – 1000 A.D.

Crono gets put on trial for kidnapping Princess Nadia (Marle).  Regardless of how you answer the questions during the trial, you should be found innocent.


Guardia Dungeons – 1000 A.D.

Items: Ether (x3), BronzeMail, Mid Tonic (x8+), Shelter (x2), 1500G, Lode Sword

You wake up in a cell with 3 days until your execution.  Get the pink bundle for an Ether, and drink from the cup to recover HPs/MPs.  The easiest way to get through this is to just stay put in your cell and not disturb the guards.  Eventually, the guards will lead you to the guillotine, at which point Lucca knocks them out and joins you.


Boss:       Dragon Tank
HP 600      Tank Head   HP 266      Grinder           HP 208

The Dragon Tank Head heals the entire tank, and also prevents damage by fire and lightning to the body and wheels. Subsequently, the head needs to be destroyed first. Normal attacks work about as well as anything, and a few rounds of attacks should take it out. Remember to keep both Crono and Lucca at reasonable HP’s (with Tonics and Mid Tonics), as the tank can attack multiple times in a row. After the head is destroyed, take out the two remaining parts at once with Fire Whirls. Three or four should finish it off.


Guardia Castle – 1000 A.D.

Items: Shelter

Head down the stairs, grabbing the chest on the way.  At the bottom, guards will start chasing you.  When you reach the entrance, Marle will join you and the three of you will run into Guardia Forest.