Clearwater Park DGC

Clearwater Park Disc Golf Course

Springfield, OR

Update: The Clearwater Park Master Plan was recently approved, and a 9-hole disc golf course is included. Here is the park map, including all approved new features.

Clearwater Park Approved Map

The included course layout is an example only (see the Google Map below for more details on the example course layout), and many details about a final course layout may still change. The overall course area, however, is the same as was originally proposed in November of 2011. From what we have learned from the park planners so far, a permanent course installation might not be budgeted until Summer of 2016, however it may be possible to have the course installed on a temporary basis sooner. I will post more details as they are available. Disclaimer: I am not a Willamalane employee, nor in any way in charge of planning for Clearwater Park. This specific layout is not approved, nor does any entity currently have permission to do any clearing or installation work on the property. The Willamalane Parks planners did request that, if anyone would like to tour the property, to please stay well clear of the rental house and yard (northwest corner of the map below).

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The above course layout is also viewable via Google Earth here: Clearwater Park DGC v2

This particular layout has only been minimally tested (due to vegetation overgrowth), and extensive testing, adjusting, and potentially significant redesign may still be required, based on the determined difficulty of the layout, safety concerns at the site, etc. Ideally, a finalized layout should produce an acceptable scoring distribution for white-level players, with an even Par round (27) rating at approximately 900 (using the PDGA rating system) (roughly equal in difficulty to Westmoreland or Alton Baker Park).