Jul 29

Diablo 3 Monk Survivability Model v1.0.5


v1.0.5 of the Monk Survivability model includes three major changes:

With the discovery that the character sheet (details screen) attack speed value only represents the main-hand attack speed, I was forced to add several new fields to the calculator. So, the calculator now correctly determines the true attack speed for both hands, and is also able to determine the relative value of the Increased Attack Speed % stat. Fields for Increased Attack Speed are now also included in the item comparison tool. This does mean that users now need to actually look at their gear to enter a few of the calculator values. The main hand and off hand attack speeds come directly from the item, and the ‘increased attack speed %’ field requires the user to add up all attack speed modifiers on their gear (except those on their weapons).

Thanks to some feedback on the calculator, I switched the ‘item is being worn’ checkbox output very slightly. When checked, the item comparison tool will now report a value that can be either positive or negative.. this value is how much better or worse item 2 than the item being worn (item 1).

I also added checkboxes to handle the Scoundrel Anatomy bonus as well as the two Barbarian shouts, including all applicable runes.