Sep 05

Diablo 3 Monk Survivability Model v1.0.7


This update contains two fairly important changes.. the first being two bugfixes to the value of Block value. Thanks to testing by Ucross and others, it became apparent that the model was not accurately determining the relative value of block.

The other big update, though, is the addition of a feature I’ve been working on for weeks.. a first attempt at a ‘true’ DPS estimate for Monks, combining the built-in attack speed and damage modifiers of Primary attacks, with the short-duration Faith in the Light buff, Sweeping Wind damage, the Mantra of Conviction, etc. The results so far have been very promising, but definitely need more testing/checking.

First, the character sheet doesn’t include a lot of Monk damage sources (e.g. the built-in attack speed and damage modifiers on Primaries, Sweeping Wind damage, Mantra of Conviction, etc.) , so that right there makes things difficult to fully test.

Second, the character sheet does some odd rounding internally (rounding that I do not believe is consistent with actual in-game DPS), so some values are going to be a little off.

Third, short-duration buffs like Faith in the Light are being averaged in the model, so your DPS from them is of course lower than your character sheet value while they are up. Note: yes, Sweeping Wind does correctly retain the Faith in the Light buff.

Fourth, as the Asian Gamer site mentions, the +%damage stat causes problems due to rounding on the character sheet. By using the DPS value for each weapon rather than the min-max damage range I have very slightly increased accuracy over the Asian Gamer site in this regard, but it is definitely not 100% accurate. For reference, the Asian Gamer site is accurate here to +/- 0.5 of both min and max damage, while the model is accurate to within +/- 0.05 DPS. Note: this may seem like a small margin of error, but remember that base damage is getting multiplied 15-30x, making even small error in weapon damage produce a noticeable difference in total DPS.

As always, I would really welcome some testing and feedback on the DPS estimate feature (and related Life Steal values).