Sep 09

Diablo 3 Monk Survivability Model v1.0.8


v1.0.8 fixes a few bugs that were identified with the 1.0.7 model, and also (finally) adds Cyclone Rune DPS mechanics and proc rates. Bug fixes include:

Bug fix related to how the model calculates averaged attack speed when dual-wielding weapons of different speeds. Thanks to Septemvri for this.

Bug fix related to the cookie not storing the Crit Damage field data.

For the Cyclone Rune coding, I still am not 100% sure on the interaction between Faith in the Light and Cyclone (i.e. does Faith in the Light apply to all Cyclone damage like it does for Sweeping Wind, or only Cyclones that spawn while the 3sec Faith in the Light buff is up). The model currently uses the latter mechanic, although I’d welcome anyone who can provide quantitative data to verify this interaction.

I also still need to figure out how to model the Blazing Fists Rune mechanics.. I’d welcome any suggestions on how to be accurate with it. Also still missing is modeling for Mystic Ally DPS, although that one shouldn’t be a problem.