Aug 19

Dominion Card Picker v1.1.5


The major change for this version is of course the addition of Dark Ages cards. Currently, about 50% of the complete Dark Ages set is included in the card picker, as these are the only cards with images available on dominion.dierstraights.com. I also added a few redundancy filters related to Dark Ages, including making sure that cards with on-trash abilities will be useful.

One important note if you do use the Dark Ages cards, though. You’ll want to turn off the ‘minimize the 5/2 vs. 4/3 split variation’ checkbox.. that feature uses Councilroom.com data (which comes from Isotropic) to evaluate the strength of each opener, and of course there is no data for Dark Ages cards (and probably won’t be).

I also plan on adding a feature to randomize using the Dark Ages Hovel, Necropolis, and Overgrown Estate cards. If anyone has any suggestions for game state conditions to include these cards for, I’d welcome them. The rulebook suggests selecting if these will be used in a manner similar to deciding if Colonies/Platinum will be used.