Jun 16

Dominion Card Picker v1.1.7


The biggest new feature with v1.1.7 of the Dominion card picker is of course the final game expansion: Guilds. Although image hosting isn’t available yet (so the cards will only load as names), to make it a little easier I also added mouseover tooltips containing the card text for all Guilds cards (just mouseover the card title).

Other changes include:

  • By request, I added the option to pick more than 10 Kingdom cards, for those wanting to use non-blind veto methods. The blind veto buttons will of course still work too. Note: the various restriction options (e.g. cost restrictions) do not automatically scale up if you choose to deal out more than 10 Kingdom cards. You’ll need to adjust those settings yourself (if you use them). e.g. if you usually use a setting of at least 1 cost two card, but no more than 2 cost two cards when you pick 10 Kingdom cards, you may want to change those restrictions to slightly larger values if you use the program to pick 16 cards instead.
  • Removed the feature that attempted to minimize the 4/3 vs 5/2 split opening strength variation. I really liked the feature, but unfortunately due to the fact it relied on (now very outdated) Councilroom.com best and worst buys data, which never included Dark Ages (or now Guilds), it was becoming less and less useful as a feature. I’d eventually love to come up with another way to reflect picking Kingdom sets specifically to address the strength discrepancies between 4/3 and 5/2 openings.