Feb 06

Dominion Card Picker v1.2.2

Well, thanks to some feedback (and help) on the card picker program, I made a few changes and additions. Here is the list of changes with v1.2.2:

  • Added the Prince promo card.
  • Added a ‘defaults’ button to quickly set all fields to the recommended settings for producing games most-like those found in the ‘suggested sets’ sections of the various rulebooks.
  • Adjusted the organize by expansion feature to list expansions in chronological order, with promo cards at the end.
  • A few cosmetic and UI changes/tweaks.

I also want to thank Minusik (author of the Jack of All Dominion App) for many suggestions and programming help with the card picker program. He has actually coded a working Black Market deck picker addition to the program, that I will implement here soon.