Oct 05

Dominion Card Picker v1.3.1


Well, this update is very late in coming, but I finally got around to (nearly) fully implementing Adventures in the card picker program.

Version 1.3.1 of the card picker will now select Events as well as Kingdom cards for the Adventures expansion, and several little bugs related to Adventures (cookies and min/max restrictions on number of Adventures cards) are fixed now too.

A few caveats about how Adventures (particularly Events) were programmed, however. First, the field to directly include specific cards in the set does not work for Events. The Event cards also only minimally interact with the various card restriction settings. For example, the cost restrictions do not apply to Events at all currently, nor do the functional restrictions. I still need to determine what would be ideal with this regard, so if anyone has any suggestions for how Event cards should interact with those card picker features, feel free to comment!

Finally, the current behavior of the card picker veto feature is a little unusual with regard to Events. Right now, Event cards cannot be vetoed. When a Kingdom card is vetoed, however, it is currently possible for it to increase the total number of Events on the board (as well as just replacing that Kingdom card), depending on if the limit on number of Events is checked or not. Again, I am not certain that this is desired behavior for the program, so if anyone has suggestions for how Events should interact with the blind veto system, feel free to comment.