Dominion Card Picker

This card picker program is for the card game Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino, and includes features for both true random and artificial card selection. The various card picker fields and checkboxes were designed to attempt to produce interesting and balanced games, with multiple viable openings and strategies. Included also is a blind veto system, by which cards can be replaced from the set while still preserving all of the set parameters. Suggested settings for artificially selecting kingdom sets can be found here.


The β€œReject sets with useless or redundant cards” checkbox currently applies the following restrictions:

  • Only allow Quarry if there is at least one Festival, Market, or an Action card costing 6 or more.
  • Only allow Scout if there is at least one Baron, Crossroads, Explorer, Hunting Party, Farmland, Menagerie, Mystic, Peddler, Tournament, Tunnel, Wishing Well, Action/Victory, or Treasure/Victory card.
  • Only allow Chancellor if there is at least one Baron, Counting House, Explorer, Herald, Hunting Party, Inn, Minion, Stash, Treasure Map, or Tournament card.
  • Only allow Counting House if there is at least one Ambassador, Beggar, Chancellor, Coppersmith, Golem, Ill-Gotten Gains, Moneylender, or Mountebank card.
  • Only allow Armory, Ironworks, Talisman, or Workshop if there is at least one Bishop, Bridge, Caravan, Conspirator, Crossroads, Envoy, Feodum, Fishing Village, Fool’s Gold, Gardens, Great Hall, Highway, Island, Menagerie, Procession, Scheme, Silk Road, Smithy, Throne Room, Tournament, or Warehouse card.
  • Only allow Tunnel if there is at least 1 card that allows you to discard or at least 1 hand-reducing Attack card.
  • Only allow Contraband if there are no other sources of +buy.
  • If there is a Chapel, don’t allow Loan, Moneylender, or Spice Merchant.
  • Only allow Reaction and Lighthouse cards (other than Fool’s Gold, Market Square, Trader, Tunnel, and Watchtower) if there is at least one relevant Attack card.
  • Don’t allow multiple cost 2 cards that provide +1 Card and +1 Action.
  • Don’t allow multiple same-cost cards that let you trash or return other cards.
  • Don’t allow more than 3 cards that let you trash or return other cards.
  • Don’t allow more than one cost 3-4 card that lets you trash or return other cards.
  • Don’t allow multiple same-cost cards that provide +2 or more actions.
  • Don’t allow more than one cost 3-5 card that provides +2 or more actions.
  • Don’t allow more than one cost 5-6 card that provides +2 or more actions.
  • Don’t allow more than one cost 2-3 card that provides +2 or more actions.
  • Don’t allow more than 1 Reaction or Lighthouse card (except Fool’s Gold, Market Square, Trader, Tunnel, and Watchtower).
  • Don’t allow more than 1 hand-reducing Attack card.
  • Don’t allow more than 2 curse-giving Attack cards.
  • Don’t allow more than 1 treasure-trashing Attack card.
  • Don’t allow both King’s Court and Throne Room.
  • Don’t allow more than one Armory, Ironworks, or Workshop card.
  • Don’t allow both Nomad Camp and Woodcutter.
  • Don’t allow both Envoy and Smithy.
  • Don’t allow more than 1 Hunting Party, Laboratory, or Stables card.
  • Don’t allow both Chancellor and Scavenger.
  • Don’t allow both Count and Mandarin.
  • Don’t allow more than 1 Catacombs, Embassy, or Journeyman card.
  • Only allow cards with on-trash abilities if there is at least 1 card that allows you trash them.
  • Only allow Squire if there is an Attack card.


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  1. Steve

    This is almost perfect πŸ™‚ The only thing I would change is that currently the options for: ‘Only use Colonies/Platinum if the first card picked is a Prosperity card’ and ‘Only use Shelters if the first card picked is a Dark Ages card’ prevent both occuring (and I really like the randomness of potentially having none, one or both).

    Maybe platinum/Colony could use the first card, and Shelters use the second card?

    Fantastic work!

  2. Toskk

    Hi Steve,

    *laugh* looking back at my coding, I technically didn’t actually have it check the literal ‘first’ card (as the algorithm actually picks all 10 cards at once) but a random card in the set.. so in the current implementation even with both of those boxes checked you can still get both Colonies and Shelters (just with very slightly lower frequency than if it actually checked the first card for one type and the second card for the other). Perhaps I should reword the option tooltips..

    Thanks for the feedback, though! Any other changes you’d like to see? I haven’t written the post about this version yet, but about 50% of the Dark Ages cards currently don’t have images loading with them (as hasn’t hosted those ones yet), but they *should* just start working once the images get hosted there.

  3. Chris

    Hi there! Selecting only Cornucopia or only Seaside causes the script to hang (Firefox 14), reported line 2348.

  4. Toskk

    Hi Chris,

    Ah.. I see the problem.. it’s Cornucopia, or more specifically Young Witch. If you only select Cornucopia (or sometimes it plus one other set), it’s very possible for the card picker to put Young Witch in the 10 Kingdom cards, and then not have a cost 2-3 card left to use as its Bane card. πŸ™ There are only 3 total cards from Cornucopia (Hamlet, Fortune Teller, and Menagerie) that can qualify for that spot, making the chances of actually getting a set that works very low (thus the script hang).

    I’m not 100% sure how best to resolve the issue.. by the rulebook, you aren’t actually supposed to use either Cornucopia or Alchemy stand-alone.. so I could definitely just add a check that just tells the user they can’t select a set using only those expansions? Suggestions?

  5. Riemann Zeta Jones

    Donald X. Vaccarino said, on somewhere (the rules sub-forum) that the principle of ‘do as much as you can’ applies in the set-up phase as well. In this case if there is no card that can function as the Young-Witch’s Bane, then you play with the Young Witch, but with no Bane, since you do as much as you can of the set up.

  6. Toskk

    Hi Riemann,

    I did read that post by Donald, however he also has other posts there specifically about Young Witch’s Bane card.. where he said essentially word-for-word: “if this case arises, the group will figure it out”. It’s a very Donald-like answer (given his distaste for ‘official’ rules errata), but it doesn’t really help with determining how the card picker program should behave (short of the script locking up with indecision, as it currently does). πŸ˜‰ I could certainly make the card picker not pick a Bane card at all in these rare cases, but is that really desirable behavior? It could cause some odd complications with the veto system, as well..

    Thoughts? πŸ™‚

  7. Riemann Zeta Jones

    I think on the rare occasion where it happens, the picker should produce a kingdom with a YW but no bane. It might be best if there was a note explaining this.

    In the cases where vetoing happens, and I know this is not the easiest thing to do with an all-at-once-type kingdom-picker, the bane should not be picked until it is known that the YW is in the kingdom, which is after all the vetoing has taken place.

  8. Hsiale

    I really like the picker and will definitely use it once my recently ordered set of Dominion + Intrigue arrives. I have one idea that could improve usability while probably not requiring so much work from you.

    My guess (I’m not too much into coding but know some basic ideas) on how the picker works is: a webpage with a script picking cards + a database storing cards data so that the script has a source of information on each card’s features. Is it possible for you to make a downloadable version of the picker (which could well still be a webpage with some additional files, but stored locally) with database in a format that’s easy to read and edit for a human? This will:
    – work when your internet connection fails for some reason,
    – have a small bonus of making it possible to set your own defaults,
    – have a big bonus of user being able to expand the database whenever needed, which would be a huge help for people playing with some unofficial Dominion expansions (seeing that there’s quite many of them on various gaming sites, they must get some playtime and being able to use picker also when using such expansion is really good, as people playing with those probably have randomizer decks of over 200 cards, not very easy to use).

  9. Toskk

    Hi Hsiale,

    Well, the program and database are actually all stored in the page script itself, in a single combined html/javascript format. It makes it very easy to be portable (I can just copy-paste the code into anything that will accept html and javascript), but a little tougher to edit (as my coding is a bit hackish and not well-documented).

    The card images themselves are also hosted totally separately, over at So a local/downloadable version of the card picker would only be able to load the images of each card if it still had an Internet connection. Theoretically, it would be possible to download/collect all of the images, and then change the coded links to local locations, but that would take some work.

    With that said, though, I would be happy to provide a downloadable version of the card picker. I’ll place a link to it on the page above (down at the very bottom of the page). Please let me know if you have any questions about the coding.

  10. Brendan

    Hi Toskk,

    I realize it’s been months since you last commented here, but I had two questions I was wondering if you could answer.

    1) I really like your card picker implementation, specifically for the ratios in set selection, however, would it be possible to allow for an up to 14 card selection (a non-blind veto mode?) I realize that could be a lot of work to balance things like the ratios (have to scale based on number desired.) but even if none of the features scaled, it would be a huge boon for me.

    2) Will you update your card picker for Guilds once it is released?

    As an addendum, if you’re not interested in updating for either of these, I’d be happy to do some work on your code to try and implement these features.


  11. Toskk

    Hi Brendan,

    Yes, although I’m not playing very much Dominion currently, I’m definitely committed to keeping this card picker updated (and implementing new features, as requested). πŸ˜€ I think I could add the ability to just deal out up to 14 cards, yes. The only caveats being you may need to use different filter settings for that than you would for picking 10 cards (as the filters would definitely apply overall to every card selected). For example you’d be able to select ‘up to 14’ for a lot of the popups, instead of the current 10, but the actual filters wouldn’t function any differently (e.g. the require 1 +2 action card filter would still force just one card). Would that work ok?

    I’ll definitely implement Guilds when it is available (although I might not purchase it, so may not have as good of an understanding of what should be included in the redundancy filter settings), as well, although of course image support depends on uploading/hosting the images. So initially it may just be text labels for the cards (as it was with Dark Ages for a while).

    Does that help? πŸ™‚

  12. Brendan

    That sounds great! Technically intrigue includes rules for 5-6 player games, but I imagine that’s something of an edge case as I don’t think many users would be concerned about a 5-6 player non blind draft game, but it might be worth considering for completions sake if its an easy scalability change. I know I’m certainly not interested in 5-6 player games πŸ˜›

    Thanks so much for keeping this updated!

  13. Dan

    This is great,

    What would you think about adding a field for the number of players, then specifying the number of Estates, Provinces, Curse cards to include?


  14. Toskk

    Hi Dan,

    That wouldn’t be that hard to do. Ideally, where would that information be output? I assume just as text?

    1. Dan

      Just text would be great.

  15. Showdown35

    Hi Toskk, I absolutely love this card picker, my group uses it exclusively when we play. Is there any chance you are considering adding a built in Black Market card picker in the future. It could pretty much work the same way as this picker, just only pick three cards, and if its built in, it could even exclude the cards picked in the main ten (well, 9 since Black Market itself would be one of them.


  16. Toskk

    Hi Showdown35,

    Oo neat idea.. yes, I could probably implement something like that. Ideally, how would it look/function?

  17. Showdown35

    Well, I guess it would look similar to the card picker as it is, just like a mini-version, only displaying three cards at a time. Ideally it would automatically use the same sets that are already selected, but that should be editable too since some people like to keep their black market deck restricted to certain sets, even when playing with others.

    The tricky part is that it would have to be able to be used again and again while not turning up any duplicate cards until ALL cards have been revealed. And then, once every card has been revealed, it would have to reveal them again in the same order (since, in real life, you would put unbought cards on the bottom of the deck)… It would also be good to have a “veto” option as well, since some groups have certain cards they don’t want to play with, like token generating cards, or ones that use mats.

  18. Showdown35

    One more comment as well about the useless and redundant restrictions. I don’t believe Scout should have the restrictions itdoes. Even without any “victory cards matter” cards or multi type victory cards available, Scout is still valuable as it clears out the useless victory cards from the top of your deck, making your next turn better, which I believe is kinda the flavour of the card.

    It also combos well with any cards that care about the top of your deck, like Wishing Well or Scrying Pool. It allows you to set up the top of your deck for draws (as in if you know you are going to draw one more card, you can move the the victory cards out and ensure you have a gold or whatever on top. Basically, you get to pick from the top four cards of your deck because you can put them back in any order.)

    It’s the only card on the useless and redundant list that I’m not sure why its there.

  19. Toskk

    Hi Showdown35,

    Well, the problem with Scout in general is that the math doesn’t really support using scout solely for next-turn improvement. i.e. you’re almost never better-off actually buying Scouts at all if all they’re going to do is (maybe) help your next turn (at the expense of this one).

    Good point about Wishing Well and Scrying Pool with Scout, though.. there are probably a few other cards that need to be included too. Like Peddler and Horn of Plenty. I’ll do some tweaking of that setting for the next update. πŸ™‚

    Edit: just to add some numbers to help, for an example of just how poor of a buy Scout typically is.. from simulation Scout + Big Money loses *very* badly to just Big Money. πŸ™ ~30% / 67% split, in favor of Big Money. You really need some kind of enabler to make it worth its purchase. πŸ˜›

    Have you played around with Dominion simulators much? πŸ™‚

  20. Showdown35

    Not at all! Although it sounds interesting. I just have a soft spot for Scout because I’ve had a couple fun wins using it to fix my next turn late in the game (like removing 2 provinces and a Duchy from the top of my deck, setting up a monster next turn). And I didn’t think it was bad enough to warrant artificial randomness exclusion with the absence of a certain set of cards.

    Anyway, what’s the status of the Black Market picker idea? Is it realistically possible to have it continually pick 3 random cards without duplicates, and is it plausable to be able to tell it which, if any, of the cards was purchased so it won’t pick it again when all cards have been revealed and it has to cycle through them again?

  21. Toskk

    Hi Showdown35,

    I’ve been thinking about how to build that style of card picker.. but I’m at a bit of a loss, unfortunately. For starters, it would need to be totally separate from the existing card picker (as you wouldn’t want to have cards in the actual kingdom set be part of the black market deck), but not only does it need these cards as inputs, it also needs to keep track of all previous cards shown/picked, and not just those displayed the previous deal. πŸ˜›

    So I think it could be done, still using javascript, but javascript definitely isn’t the ideal language for such a program. πŸ™ I already had to do some slightly-unusual coding for the existing ‘veto’ buttons.. technically when you click on one of them, they execute the same function as ‘select cards’, just they add the existing kingdom set as inputs into the formula.

    It would definitely be a more long-term project, though..

    As for simulators, if you’re interested in them, I’d recommend Geronimoo’s:

    I worked for a while on an (unreleased) Dominion deck calculator (not a simulator) that would evaluate the total buying power of a deck, based on whatever cards you put in it, but ultimately it became too difficult to properly handle the complexity of the probabilities involved. πŸ˜› But it was very good at showing the strength of Big Money.

  22. b0rsuk

    “Only allow Chancellor if there is at least one Baron, Counting House, Explorer, Hunting Party, Inn, Minion, Stash, Treasure Map, or Tournament card.”

    Add Herald to this list. Chancellor may be the best card to use for Herald’s “overpay” ability. In fact, it makes Navigator and Cartographer look bad.

    Open Chancellor/Something
    Get 2 Treasure Maps into your deck somehow
    Wait until you draw Chancellor + $4, get Harald.

  23. Toskk

    Hi B0rsuk,

    Excellent, good to hear about tweaks to the restriction filter. I’ll get that change added in the next day or so. Thanks for the feedback.

  24. b0rsuk

    Armory is good target for Band of Misfits. You could make a rule exception.

  25. Toskk

    Hi B0rsuk,

    Even if there then isn’t any good targets for Armory? Would you mostly just be using Armory to grab Silvers in that case? πŸ™‚

  26. Tom

    This wont work for me. Long running script. Am I doing something wrong?

  27. Toskk

    Hi Tom,

    Hmm.. that sounds like the settings you chose are causing the script to fail to finish (i.e. the set settings you chose cannot produce a complete Kingdom set). Most commonly, this happens when you specify a certain number of minimum/maximum cards per expansion that don’t total up to 10 (or however many cards you’ve asked it to select for you). Another common issue is if you set a minimum # of cards for a set, but haven’t checked the box to use that set.. the picker will of course never be able to complete that request. Can you post the picker settings you’re using? It should be pretty quick to figure out what’s wrong. Thanks,


    Edit: just to expand on this slightly, the card picker program currently includes no range checking, so it is very possible to give it settings for which it will lock up (fail to ever find a set that meets all specified criteria).

  28. Thomas

    Hello, I think I have found a glitch,
    Farmland, Duke, Library, Market, Saboteur, Coppersmith, Shanty Town, Woodcutter, Lighthouse, Moat, !Colony, !Platinum
    As far as i can see, there is no prosperity card in this and i selected only use Colonies/Platinum if a randomly-picked card is a Prosperity card.

    I love this website and think it is very helpful, just one thing i noticed

  29. Toskk

    Hi Thomas,

    Hmm.. did you notice Colony and Platinum actually on the list of images for the set? They’d appear down below the Kingdom card set if they are to be used. The ! in front of them on the text output is (really was) for Isotropic, and tells it NOT to use Colonies and Platinum. I should probably get rid of that text output entirely now, as Isotropic is no longer used. Does that help at all? πŸ™‚ I’m glad you like the card picker program, too! Thanks,


  30. Claes

    Is it possible to use colors, sign or other stuff, so it is easier to recognize from which expansion the random kingdom cards are from?
    It can perhaps also be done (or just an extra feature) by sorting by expansion set instead of cost or alphabetical.

    Else just big applause for the randomizer, so many great options

    1. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Ah yeah, I’d been meaning to add a ‘by expansion’ sorting mechanism to the card picker. πŸ™‚ I will get that implemented asap. I’m glad you like the card picker! πŸ™‚ Thanks,


    2. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Ok, I implemented a very basic ‘by Expansion’ sort feature (version 1.2.1). However, I wasn’t sure how you’d ideally want the expansions themselves ordered. Right now, it’s alphabetical. i.e. the first-listed expansion is Alchemy. I could instead perhaps do chronological grouping, although I’d have to insert the promo cards in somewhere too. Thoughts/suggestions? πŸ™‚

    1. Toskk

      Hi Minusik,

      I’m glad you like the card picker program. πŸ™‚ Yes, a Black Market picker feature has been requested a few times before, but always seemed difficult to implement, given the limitations of how the program works. If you’ve been able to modify the program to make that feature work, I’d definitely be interested in it. πŸ™‚ I will contact you. πŸ™‚

  31. Claes

    Could you add more cost restrictions? For cards costing 1, 6 and 7?

    1. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Sure, that’s a pretty quick change. I can probably finish that up and have it uploaded this weekend sometime. πŸ™‚


    2. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Ok, v1.2.3 adds those new card cost restrictions. πŸ™‚ I’d also definitely welcome suggestions for what the ‘default’ (applied with the button) settings should be for those, as well. I haven’t had the chance to peruse through the ‘recommended sets’ listings in the newer expansions to really verify how these kinds of extremely cheap and extremely expensive cards are intended to be distributed in a kingdom set. πŸ˜‰

  32. McKenna

    Will this be updated for the new expansion, Adventures? We’re looking for a randomizer that is updated for this. No luck so far.

    1. Toskk

      Hi McKenna,

      Oh wow.. truthfully I haven’t been following Dominion lately, and wasn’t aware of it at all. πŸ˜‰ That said, yes, it doesn’t look too difficult to implement. I’ll see if I can get it implemented in the next few days. πŸ™‚ Thanks!


      1. McKenna

        Hi! If I can make a suggestion, I have found that the new kingdom cards are normal enough. They don’t introduce anything ground-breaking. However, the event cards are new and we have found after playing several games that we prefer to use 2. If you are going to create a separate events randomizer, I would recommend allowing 1, 2, or 3 per game. We usually use 2 random events per game.


        1. Toskk

          Hi McKenna,

          The method(s) of selecting Event cards is definitely something that I’ll need to decide on, yeah. The official rules suggest adding them into the full randomizer deck (i.e. the more expansions in the randomizer, the lower the frequency of event cards), but it sounds like you’d prefer a separate on/off “pick up to two” randomizer for them? I can definitely add several options for how Event cards are selected. Ideally, how would you like that picker to work? πŸ™‚


          1. McKenna

            The events could be added with the other kingdom cards, but then, if an event is chosen, your randomizer would have to add new cards afterwards to assure ten kingdom cards are there. It seems like it would be easier to do a simple randomizer add-on that gives you 1, 2, or 3 event cards if you select a box to add event cards. It would be a random selection out of the 20 if you choose to use them. And I guess if you wanted to stay consistent, you could have the option to only allow events if an Adventures kingdom card is chosen in the kingdom cards selection.

          2. Toskk

            Thinking a bit more about Events, I can see why other card pickers haven’t implemented them yet. πŸ˜› It looks like it will be a non-trivial amount of work to implement them in a way that works nicely with the two different veto systems the picker uses. Any suggestions on how those two should interact? e.g. say you’ve put out 10 Kingdom cards and 1 Event.. and use the blind veto feature to remove one of the Kingdom cards. Could you then add both a Kingdom card and an event? Is that desired behavior? Veto’ing an Event in a blind veto system of course only has the option of replacing that Event with a new one, so that’s easier. Then with the non-blind veto system, it seems like the “only allow up to two events” restriction would need scaling. e.g. if you’re drawing 14 Kingdom cards (to veto those down to 10), how should Events interact with those initial picks? Still only allow up to two Events? Or allow for more? Can Events even be veto’d in such a non-blind veto system? *bleh* I’ll think more on this, but any suggestions would be helpful. πŸ˜‰

          3. McKenna

            Well from the games we’ve played so far, it appears that events are game-breaking most of the time, so more than 2 is definitely not recommended. A veto system is tricky because of that. If there’s only two, it’s not like everyone would get a veto. My friends and I have considered only using unanimous decision to veto an event. So that would be one veto of an event per game, if that is needed, and so far, we haven’t tested the events enough to decide one is worth a veto. We’ve never vetoed an event yet.

            I would wait on implementing a veto system for events until more people can weigh in on what to do. If you had a simple device to either include events or exclude them, and a device to allow the user to decide how many should be included (1, 2, or 3) – that should be enough. After all, we’re still only talking about 20 event cards. The reason why people look for dominion randomizers is because there are so many kingdom cards. This is not the case for events. If they don’t like the event chosen, they can pick a new one from their small stack of 20 cards that they have in real life.

          4. iamsparticus

            For Events, here’s what I’d like to see. The ability to turn them on and off, and the ability to determine how many of them are there (possible with a min-max feature under the card set restrictions, less ideally with a check for 2 events option). For determining if there are any events in decks where you don’t specifically check those boxes, having a similar function to determining if there is platinum/colonies/shelters, by seeing if a random card is from Adventure.

            Not sure how simple this would be, I definitely see the issue with vetoing and adding in this separate random element.

          5. Toskk

            Ok, I’ve just uploaded v1.3.0a of the card picker program.. but despite what it looks like, Adventures is not yet fully implemented. πŸ˜› i.e. no Events yet. The 30 new Kingdom cards are all added, and they seem to play nicely with the various card picker features, but I’m still trying to figure out how Events should interact with them all. Another example is the card cost restrictions.. I’d think that the cost restrictions should apply to Events as well (as the decision(s) to be made each turn still revolve around the price-point of each Kingdom (and now Event) card available), for example, but would love some more feedback on how all of the settings should work together. πŸ˜‰

  33. Claes

    I know I come with many requests, but just want to help with ideas to improve the wonderful page πŸ™‚

    Is it possible to also have a lower limit on attack cards, so it is possible to have a random deck with a lot of interaction?

    1. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      No worries! πŸ™‚ Yes, it would be pretty easy to implement a lower limit on attack cards. πŸ™‚ Much easier than the issue of how to implement Event cards I’m still struggling with, anyway. πŸ˜‰ I should be able to get that new limit field implemented in the next couple days. Thanks for the suggestion!


      1. Claes

        Still working at it πŸ˜‰ Know it is probably vacation time, but has a tendency sometimes to forget stuff where it is nice to get a reminder

        1. Toskk

          Hi Claes,

          Ack! Sorry for the delay in getting this implemented.. I’ve been in the midst of my work + teaching schedule, with the teaching part finally winding down for the Summer last week. I should have more time to finish up the Adventures Event card picking and that lower limit on attack cards now. πŸ™‚

  34. EH

    the min max restrictions does not work for Adventures. can you fix it pls? but otherwise this is a super good job…
    can you add the option to specifically include a minimum non-action cards in addition to just capping them?

  35. Daniel Magyar

    Hi Toskk,

    I just noticed that if I refresh the page it remembers the selections I have made except Adventures. After I refresh Envoy (Promo Card) i selected instead.

    Thanks as always! We use this page every week.


    1. Toskk

      Hi Daniel (and EH),

      Thanks for catching that! It’s fixed (along with the min/max restrictions not working for Adventures) in v1.3.1 now. πŸ™‚


  36. Claes

    Nice updates.
    Just a little bug, when having both minimum one attack card and the restriction: “Only allow Attack cards if there is at least one relevant Reaction or lighthouse card”, then it does not apply the reaction/lighthouse option

    1. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Ah, I found the issue.. that feature tries to match attacks (by type) up with corresponding reactions.. and some of those matches are bad or non-existent currently. πŸ˜› Relic, for example, it currently doesn’t know what type of attack that is, and so doesn’t match it with any reaction. I’ll work on getting that fixed. πŸ™‚

    2. Toskk

      Hi Claes,

      Ok, I’m hoping that v1.3.2 fixes those odd issues with attacks not having reactions when that option is selected. Let me know if you spot any other odd behavior from it, though. πŸ™‚ Thanks!


  37. Skander

    “Only allow Counting House if there is”… could you add Golem to this list? See

    1. Toskk

      Hi Skander,

      No problem. I’ll add that combo to the Counting House restriction filter. πŸ™‚ Thanks for the feedback!


    2. Toskk

      Ok, version 1.3.3 includes that tweak to the Counting House restriction filter, as well as a little cleanup to some formatting coding. πŸ™‚


  38. Scippie

    Superb tool!

    +1 on a downloadable version… you said that you would provide a downloadable version, but I can’t find it…

    1. Toskk

      Hi Scippie,

      Yeah, a downloadable version was up for a while. Once I get Empires implemented I’ll upload a new version for download too. πŸ™‚

  39. A S

    When will you add empires? Best randomizer I’ve found! Thanks!

    1. Toskk

      Hi A S,

      Ah yes, I’ve been meaning to get to that! πŸ™‚ I’ll take a look at how difficult/easy implementing it will be, and get to work on it. πŸ™‚

  40. Toskk

    Ok, Empires is implemented now. πŸ™‚ If anyone notices any quirky behavior with the various restriction options and the new set, please let me know. I also uploaded the .html file, in case anyone wants a downloadable version (note: card art still requires an Internet connection). That can be found here:

  41. Rick Teverbaugh

    I would like there to be an option to select how many players and then show how many of the victory cards will be used. This is the best I have tried. Thanks.

  42. Don Bowman

    I absolutely love this randomizer. As you probably know, The 2nd editions are out for Dominion Base Set and Dominion Intriigue. Several cards have been removed and added with each set. Will you be implementing the option for either and/or both?

    1. Toskk

      Hi Don, Oo nice! Truthfully, I haven’t kept up with Dominion lately, after my local group stopped playing it. πŸ˜› I do absolutely want to continue maintaining the card picker program though, as it seems to be getting good use! πŸ˜€

      Ideally, how would you like the 2nd edition option to work? I could maybe make one checkbox for all 2nd editions, but it might be easier/more prudent to just list each of the second editions actually on the list of expansions separately. Thoughts/suggestions?

    2. Toskk

      Huh, thinking more about this, it seems like there are unfortunately a lot of possible combinations involved. Players could be playing with the first edition plus the small expansion part of the second edition, for example.. but would they necessarily remove the six Kingdom cards from the first edition?

      So it seems like implementing this might require quite a number of checkboxes, but also redundant cards in different expansions. πŸ˜› Unfortunately that won’t be easy to implement, the way the card picker program currently works. πŸ˜›

      1. Don Bowman

        Sure. I understand the complexities. I personally have the original sets, but have purchased the update packs that provide the added cards. Therefore, I still have the 6 cards that the base set second edition is getting rid of: Adventurer, Chancellor, Feast, Spy, Thief, and Woodcutter. Plus I have the 7 new cards: Artisan, Bandit, Harbinger, Merchant, Poacher, Sentry, and Vassal. I would assume that you could have a single checkbox that adds these seven 2nd edition cards, plus a checkbox that omits the removed cards. From what I have heard, they are going to do second editions of most of the sets, but they are only changing cards in the base set and Intrigue.
        Thank you for your consideration.

      2. Dan

        First, I really appreciate all the work you have put into this. If possible, my preference would be to see multiple check boxes show what you have in your game collection:

        [] Dominion (1st Edition)
        [] Dominion (2nd Edition)
        [] Dominion (2nd Edition Update Pack)
        [] Intrigue (1st Edition)
        [] Intrigue (2nd Edition)
        [] Intrigue (2nd Edition Update Pack)
        [] Seaside
        [] …

  43. Toskk

    Sorry for the lengthy delay.. but the second editions of Dominion and Intrigue are finally up and working in the card picker program. πŸ˜€ Definitely let me know if you notice any unusual behavior from the card picker, though!


  44. Gerardo Alvarez Sandoval

    Is there any app for this randomizer, so I can use it ofline? thanks.

    1. Toskk

      Hi Gerardo,

      The card picker program itself will actually run without an Internet connection (it’s 100% javascript), however the card art (images) require one. i.e. if you pre-load the page while you have an Internet connection, and then go offline to use it, the program will still generate the list of cards, it will just display card names only. Also, I can provide a .html file of the program, if that would be helpful.

      There are lots of Dominion apps around, if you’re really looking for something that will 100% run offline.

      Unfortunately, the program doesn’t utilize any kind of back-end, that would be necessary in order to store previous sets like that. πŸ™


  45. Gerardo Alvarez Sandoval

    Also, would be great to have a tracker, so I will get diferent sets until I use them all.

  46. Giao

    Thanks for getting the empires and second edition cards in. I would love for there to be a way to get a bookmarkable link for the current settings, so I wouldn’t have to enter them in every time. Hard to uncheck everything on a phone e.g.

    1. Toskk

      Hi Giao,

      Hmm.. there should be a cookie that stores all of your card picker settings for you. Do you by chance have cookies disabled, or are you just using many different devices? I can probably implement a method to accept card picker field parameters from the address line, though, if the cookie doesn’t help. πŸ™‚


      1. Giao

        Oh, great, didn’t realize you were storing it in a cookie. That’s good enough for me!

  47. Lucy

    Great randomizer, thanks for designing it! Quick feature suggestion, maybe it would be good to have an option that just output cardnames and the name of the expansions they come in? It would slightly speed set up, at least for me. To set up a stack, I go through each of my dominion boxes and check if any cards match the expansion. With picture output, I have to check the expansion symbol of each card (or remember it), which is slightly slower than just reading it.

    1. Toskk

      Hi Lucy,

      Hmm, I can probably implement something to do that.. although I’ve also been considering adding some kind of color-coded (by expansion) border around each card image. Would that be enough, or is card name and expansion (text) still preferable? And did you want the feature to actually replace the card image with the text, or supplement it? πŸ™‚ Thanks,


      1. Lucy

        Color border might work fine, depending on the implementation. I’d imagine that will get less feasible though as more sets come out, and even with the existing sets there might not be enough distinct colors. Also, wouldn’t work for colorblind people, so that would be an accessibility issue for them. You could do something like expansion names in different colors, I think that might be the best of both worlds.

        I would replace the card image, but if there were folks that would use both you could always have another option.

      2. Dan

        Another thought,

        Over on Board Game Geek, Pawel Pawlak has a great set of expansion icons:

        How about adding a Expansion Key with these icons and the expansion names?

        Thanks, Dan

  48. Lance

    Thanks for this great randomizer and keeping up on updating it.

    We stumbled across this from google and hands down is the best one we’ve seen given all the balancing rules you have.

    Thank you!

  49. Dave

    Your randomizer cannot select fortune from empires for some reason.

    but it is still the best πŸ™‚

    1. Toskk

      Wow, good catch! I have no clue how that card didn’t get included in the Empires set. πŸ™ I’ll get that fixed asap.

      1. Toskk

        Edit: oh, I see what I did now. The randomizer just includes Gladiator for that split pile. Perhaps it would be better to represent split piles another way?

  50. Colgate

    Sauna is missing from promo cards.

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