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This card picker program is for the card game Dominion by Donald X. Vaccarino, and includes features for both true random and artificial card selection. The various card picker fields and checkboxes were designed to attempt to produce interesting and balanced games, with multiple viable openings and strategies. Included also is a blind veto system, by which cards can be replaced from the set while still preserving all of the set parameters.

41 thoughts on “Dominion Card Picker

  1. Andrew

    We almost had an uprising at work before lunch because the Dominion Card Picker was down. Thanks for getting it back up!

  2. Rodel30

    Any chance we could get a Card Type filter? (a checkbox list of card types, then cards that had any of the unchecked types would be excluded) All types could be checked by default to preserve current behavior. Often I want to include cards from across expansions, but want to leave out certain concepts (like Reserve) when playing with newer players.

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Rodel30,

      Ah yeah, kind of like I have for number of Attack cards? Are there specific card types that you’d want to be able to filter or restrict the quantity of?

      1. Rodel30

        Reserve and Duration are the two that have the highest possible chance of appearing that I will sometimes want to avoid. Traveller, Gathering, and Looter are a lot less common so they aren’t as much of a bother to veto when I don’t want to bother explaining how those mechanics work to newer players at the table.

        And I guess while I have your attention, would it be possible to get an “easy copy” list of the selected cards? I often use this tool when playing online with coworkers and at this point I am manually typing out the names of selected cards into a comma delimited list that I can paste into dominion online to have it select the cards for the game.

        And now I feel like I’m being needy, but I also don’t think there’s a way to force 2 [event/landmarks] (is there a name that encompasses both of those?) This one I’m a lot less worried about, as I’m OK with letting Dominion online pick these at random (or just shuffling the stack and drawing when playing IRL). But wouldn’t hurt if it’s not too hard πŸ™‚

        Thank you for your time! This is the only tool I’ve found that actually keeps up to date with new expansions.

        I guess as a note, if the source for this is hosted on Github or similar, I’d be happy to help make changes and submit a PR. Don’t want to put all this work on you; this tool is a great addition for the Dominion community, so we should help out πŸ™‚

        1. Toskk Post author

          No problem, I’m very glad the card picker program is still getting use! πŸ™‚

          I can do the new filters, it’ll just take a bit of work as many of those types aren’t currently tagged in the card database. Would you prefer an on/off switch for them, or min/max fields like how Attacks are handled currently?

          I actually had an ‘easy copy’ listing of cards just like that for a while, but it formatted the text for import into the predecessor of Dominion Online. Are there specific formatting conventions that Dominion Online needs? e.g. does it format things like the Bane card (for Young Witch) with something like a * first? Does it allow for inputting things like Colonies/Platinum use? If you can get me the parameters of how the text list should be formatted, that’s very quick to implement. πŸ™‚

          Oh, so it sounds like you’d like a feature to require 2 events/landmarks? That should be doable pretty easily.

          Unfortunately the source isn’t on Github or anywhere.. I began the project with a very limited scope, and it’s honestly more than a little hackish. πŸ˜‰

          1. Alex Denman

            Hi! Tacking on a feature request here:

            I’d like to suggest an option to scale the probability of including a reaction/lighthouse card with the number / power of attack cards. When there are relatively few attack cards and/or they aren’t particularly awful, the “include reaction/lighthouse if attack cards are present” rule can seem like overkill. I think it would be nice to get a range of boards that includes both moderately attack heavy boards (that DO always include a defensive card) and attack-light boards that don’t necessarily include one.

  3. Dom

    I love the customization this site offers! Especially the second edition options allowing +small expansion. My only 2 complaints are that the boxes for black listed cards don’t expand, so sometimes it’s hard if I want to add a bunch of cards there. Also, do you think you could make the choices for “useless or redundant cards” optional? I like most of the options, but for example, I like it when quarry shows up, not just with festival/market/6+ cards. It doesn’t really make much sense to me personally. Anyway, wonderful job you’ve done here! I use this all the time.

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Dom,

      Hmm.. I can definitely make those two fields larger. πŸ™‚ That’s a quick change. I know everything tucked away in the “useless or redundant cards” option can be frustrating to folks.. originally, every single one of the options there had its own checkbox, but as you can imagine eventually the list got waaaay too long. I have been thinking about ways to restructure that option, though. It seems like there are really two major things it tries to do. The first is remove redundant cards (e.g. same-cost or similar cards that do effectively the same thing as each other). This feature is pretty straight-forward. The second is to “fully-activate” all cards, which is of course much more subjective and difficult to do. Quarry, for example, as you mentioned is probably ‘active’ (i.e. it’s a real choice, rather than an obvious no-go) more often than just when Festival/Market/6+ Action cards are in the set, but what *does* need to be in the set in order for Quarry to get consideration in a match? From my memory, it seemed like other Treasures was really the issue I had with it.. although the availability of +Buy is of course important too.

      I’ll hopefully have some time to implement a few of the recent requests for the card picker in a couple weeks, too! πŸ™‚

  4. Richard

    Love this tool. Any idea when Nocturne will be included? Just got it and would love to include it in the mix (even if you haven’t gotten a chance to fully playtest what counts as reduntant/useless).

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Richard,

      Thanks! I’ve started work on Nocturne, and I actually have a bit of time to work on it now. πŸ™‚ Looking at it, I do think long-term it may need some new redundant/useless settings (e.g. for Night cards), but I may just push out the updated version without those extra features for a while.

  5. Toskk Post author

    Ok, v1.6.0 has preliminary support for Nocturne. πŸ™‚ I also made a few tweaks to existing settings and filters, and added an option for forcing two Events/Landmarks. You may need to clear your browser cache in order to get the new version to load, but hopefully it’s all working properly with a new cookie. If anyone spots anything not working, please let me know!


  6. bob319480189342

    Thanks for making this fantastic tool. My family and I use it almost every time we play, and it’s way better than any other I can find.

    Is there any chance you could add a veto event/landmark option? Frequently I’ll pick a good game but the events aren’t compatible/useful. Sometimes only one or even no events are picked, which is also inconvenient.

    Thanks a lot and keep up the good work!

    1. Toskk Post author

      No problem. πŸ™‚ Yeah, I’d been meaning to figure out how to add a veto Event/Landmark feature. I’ll look into it. πŸ™‚ I did add a checkbox to always require two Events/Landmarks, though, in case you always want them in the game.


      1. Toskk Post author

        Well huh.. looking into it, it looks like a veto feature for Events/Landmarks is going to be trickier than I’d hoped. πŸ™ Because Events and Landmarks are mixed into the ‘deck’ and simply set aside when drawn, there wouldn’t be any reason to continue drawing if one were veto’d. i.e. veto’ing one would just eliminate it from the final set, but wouldn’t draw one to replace it because all Kingdom cards have already been drawn. Even the checkbox requiring at least two Events/Landmarks doesn’t help with this, as it would just lock up the card picker program if one of the Events or Landmarks was veto’d (there wouldn’t be any way to add the second Event/Landmark back in, making all sets fail the test). πŸ˜› *huh* I’ll keep thinking about this one..

  7. Toskk Post author

    Ok, v1.6.1 adds veto buttons for Events/Landmarks. Hopefully I didn’t break anything implementing the feature. πŸ˜› Currently, Events and Landmarks will only be replaced on veto if the ‘Always require at least two Events/Landmarks’ option is checked. Without that, there is nothing currently to force a replacement Event/Landmark when one is veto’d. If folks would like the feature to always replace a veto’d event/landmark with a new one when veto’d, let me know, though. It wouldn’t be too hard to implement at this point. πŸ˜‰

    Edit: Oh, as usual you may have to clear your browser cache before the new version loads.


  8. Jeremy Moritz

    It is amazing that you got Nocturne added so quickly! None of the other randomizers have nocturne yet. Thank you so much for creating this randomizer and staying on top of the updates even during the holiday season! You are awesome!

  9. Lance

    Hey thanks again for the great site. One thing I noticed now is if apply recommended defaults and select seaside prosperity hinterlands and then check second edition and expansions for dominion base and intrigue as well as uncheck first edition for both no cards will show up. Not sure if by design (needing first edition checked as well) or bug. Thanks again

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Lance,

      Hmm.. well, you definitely won’t want to check both second edition and the small expansion for that (first) edition, as the card picker would likely try to do something very unusual (it’s probably trying to add the new second-edition cards twice). I.e. if you have the second edition of the game, just check that box, and not either of the first edition options. Does that help (and/or fix the problem)? πŸ™‚


      1. Lance

        Yea I figured that out too after I posted and felt silly lol.

        That works great, thanks. My wife and I use your picker every time we play!

  10. TomN

    Great job with the card picker. It makes consistently playable kingdoms. One thing I noticed is if you force it to always include events or landmarks but don’t select a set that has them, it hangs up. Of course, it’s a user error, but it could be trapped and fixed rather than hanging.

    I accidentally got the hover text on the two starred items at the bottom of the functional restrictions and was interested to see how you apply them. But it looks like the text is too long for the window, and it cuts off at the bottom. Any way you can display the rest of the filters?

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi TomN,

      I’m glad you like the Dominion card picker, and it’s still doing a reasonable job of producing playable Kingdom sets. πŸ™‚ Yes, unfortunately the program doesn’t currently include any form of range checking or trapping, so it may lock up. πŸ˜› I’ve been meaning to get around to fixing that.. hopefully I’ll have the chance soon. πŸ™‚

      Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure just how much text I could stick into a tooltip.. Firefox seems to display the whole block for each of the two checkboxes, but other browsers might not. πŸ™ Here’s the current text of the two, though:

      For the redundancy filter:
      Don’t allow multiple cost 2 cards that provide +1 Card and +1 Action.
      Don’t allow multiple same-cost cards that let you trash or return other cards.
      Don’t allow more than 3 cards that let you trash or return other cards.
      Don’t allow more than one cost 3-4 card that lets you trash or return other cards.
      Don’t allow multiple same-cost cards that provide +2 or more actions.
      Don’t allow more than one cost 3-5 card that provides +2 or more actions.
      Don’t allow more than one cost 5-6 card that provides +2 or more actions.
      Don’t allow more than one cost 2-3 card that provides +2 or more actions.
      Don’t allow more than 1 Reaction or Lighthouse card (except Fool’s Gold, Market Square, Trader, Tunnel, and Watchtower).
      Don’t allow more than 1 hand-reducing Attack card.
      Don’t allow more than 2 curse-giving Attack cards.
      Don’t allow more than 1 treasure-trashing Attack card.
      Don’t allow both King’s Court and Throne Room.
      Don’t allow more than one Armory, Ironworks, or Workshop card.
      Don’t allow both Nomad Camp and Woodcutter.
      Don’t allow both Envoy and Smithy.
      Don’t allow more than 1 Hunting Party, Laboratory, or Stables card.
      Don’t allow both Chancellor and Scavenger.
      Don’t allow both Count and Mandarin.
      Don’t allow more than 1 Catacombs, Embassy, or Journeyman card.

      For the fully_active filter:
      Only allow Quarry if there is at least one Festival, Market, or an Action card costing 6 or more.
      Only allow Scout if there is at least one Baron, Crossroads, Explorer, Hunting Party, Farmland, Menagerie, Mystic, Peddler, Tournament, Tunnel, Wishing Well, Action/Victory, or Treasure/Victory card.
      Only allow Chancellor if there is at least one Baron, Counting House, Explorer, Herald, Hunting Party, Inn, Minion, Stash, Treasure Map, or Tournament card.
      Only allow Counting House if there is at least one Ambassador, Beggar, Chancellor, Coppersmith, Golem, Ill-Gotten Gains, Moneylender, or Mountebank card.
      Only allow Armory, Ironworks, Talisman, or Workshop if there is at least one Bishop, Bridge, Caravan, Conspirator, Crossroads, Envoy, Feodum, Fishing Village, Fool’s Gold, Gardens, Great Hall, Highway, Island, Menagerie, Procession, Scheme, Silk Road, Smithy, Throne Room, Tournament, or Warehouse card.
      Only allow Tunnel if there is at least 1 card that allows you to discard or at least 1 hand-reducing Attack card.
      Only allow Contraband if there are no other sources of +buy.
      If there is a Chapel, don’t allow Loan, Moneylender, or Spice Merchant.
      Only allow Reaction and Lighthouse cards (other than Fool’s Gold, Market Square, Trader, Tunnel, and Watchtower) if there is at least one relevant Attack card.
      Only allow cards with on-trash abilities if there is at least 1 card that allows you trash them.
      Only allow Squire if there is an Attack card.

      I recently split the above options out into the two sets as above, to try to separate out the more-commonly-accepted redundancy filters from the slightly-more-controversial fully_active filters, but I’d of course also welcome any other recommendations/deletions/additions to these features in particular. πŸ™‚ At one time the card picker program also included a feature that attempted to minimize the power discrepancy between the best 5:2 opening and the best 4:3 opening, however that feature eventually became impossible to maintain due to the overall number of combinations.

  11. Joel

    You have the best Dominion card picker I’ve found. Unfortunately, I can’t get it it to work on mobile browsers (I’ve tried Chrome and Silk on kindle fire and Chrome and Safari on an iPad).

    Would you be open to porting it to a free mobile app? I don’t know what your background is — I’d be happy to do the coding for it, but I wouldn’t want to do it without your permission.

    Regardless, thanks for the work you have put into this; it makes our game night’s here run a lot more smoothly.

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Joel,

      I’m glad you like the card picker program! Hmm.. it’s coded entirely in javascript, so I’d think that mobile browsers should work fine still.. does the program do anything at all (i.e. is it an output formatting problem)? From a little checking, at least for Safari there may be an option in settings to enable javascript. Does that help at all? πŸ™‚ I don’t have any experience with mobile app development, so if we can get the web version running on your mobile device, that’s likely going to be the easiest option. πŸ˜‰

  12. Cyndi

    I want to join in the thanks for a great card picker! My old one does not have Nocturne yet which forced me to find a new one.

    I too had trouble with it running on Safari. I checked my settings and JavaScript was enabled. So I cleared most of the settings to see if I have an input problem. I chose Dark Ages and Nocturne with most of the Promos (not Prince) and set attacks to 2. It worked fine then. I think my problem was enabling “Always include” under Events/Landmarks when neither Adventures or Empires was chosen. I tested this on my Windows laptop and it hung up there as well. My old randomizer had an option for playing with Events/Landmarks outside of Adventures and Empires and I was hoping yours did as well.

    Two odd things happened. First, with the above settings on the laptop, Potion showed up as a required card. Second, Colony and Platinum showed up with an exclamation point before each one on both browsers. The pc was set to not ever choose them and Safari was set to choose if a random card was from Prosperity. Not a big problem, it is easy to ignore. I just thought I’d let you know.

    Regarding the explanatory text, it doesn’t show up for me on either Windows Edge or Safari, although there is a big blank space where it should be before the comments.

    Will the Dismantle promo be available soon?

    Thanks again for all of your work!

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Cyndi,

      Ah yeah, unfortunately the program selects Event and Landmark cards by actually ‘shuffling’ them into the draw deck.. so currently checking the box for always requiring events/landmarks without also including a set that includes them will just lock up the program. πŸ™ I really should get around to implementing range and error checking. πŸ™

      As for Potions showing up randomly, I think I know what happened.. I’m guessing the Kingdom set included Black Market? Black Market *should* include every available option.. however I think I neglected to have it check what should be included with which card sets are actually available. πŸ˜› I’ll get that fixed in the next version.

      Dismantle is a quick one, so I should be able to get that one added pretty quickly. πŸ™‚


  13. Toskk Post author

    Ok, version 1.6.2 adds the Dismantle promo card, and fixes that little glitch with Potions showing up without Alchemy. πŸ˜› I’m still looking into implementing range and error checking and a few other features too. πŸ™‚

    Oh, as usual you may need to clear your browser cache before the new version appears. πŸ˜›

  14. Zac

    Hi there! Thanks so much for making this and keeping it updated! This is by far the best card-picker I’ve found, and is the only one my wife and I use!

    One hopefully quick add: there’s a new-ish promo card called Summon, it’s an event card. Any chance that could get added?

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Zac,

      Ack! I’m not sure how I missed that Summon promo card before. πŸ™ I’ll get it added asap. Thanks!


    2. Toskk Post author

      Ok, v1.6.3 adds the Summon promo card. As usual, you may need to clear your browser cache before the new version will appear. πŸ™‚

  15. LeadB

    Love this site, thanks so much! I’m curious if a possible future feature could be to limit the number of sets it selects from or similar to Alchemy have a minimum number for a set to be included? I know I can control the former manually, but it would be great to have it included in the randomizing process. There are some nights I simply don’t want to pull out all the boxes for one or two resources per box.


  16. Tuomas

    I use recommended defaults and all cards, expect 1st editions of base and intrigue. When I put Donate into included cards picker does not work anymore. I know Donate is not a card, but I saw no field for included events, so included cards field was the best option.

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Toumas,

      Sorry for the delay in getting back to you.. yes, unfortunately it does appear that the ‘always include’ option doesn’t work for Events/Landmarks currently (i.e. it will lock up the card picker because it won’t be able to find the correct card). I’ll work on fixing that! πŸ™‚


    2. Toskk Post author

      Ok, version 1.6.4 adds support for Events/Landmarks in the ‘always include’ field. πŸ™‚ It was a bit of a weird fix, so if anyone spots any unusual behavior from the update please let me know!

      As usual, you may need to clear your browser cache before the new version will load. πŸ™‚

  17. Dominoid

    This is a great randomizer. I created a branch of your work that I would like to offer to you here. I made the following “significant” changes/alteration to the way it works. Hopefully this isn’t too far from your personal vision.

    β€’ Moved the javascript to an external file
    β€’ Changed all card images to
    β€’ Cards now link to their associated wiki page
    β€’ Set a bail mechanism if after 100,000 Kingdoms conditions cannot be met – should help with lockups from user choices
    β€’ Moved Young Witch’s bane card to the Kingdom cards section
    β€’ Added a “Base Cards” tableau that builds accordingly – Platinum, Colony, Potion, Ruins, etc
    β€’ Split Piles, Travelers, Castles, Knights are now Animated GIFs
    β€’ Added a “Starting Hand” tableau that builds according to kingdom selections – Coppers, Heirlooms, Estates, Shelters

    My next step is to add other setup things to the display. For example, Adding Zombies to the Trash for Necromancer, Boons, Hexes, etc.

    It resides here for now –
    “Include” Young Witch, Transmute, Castles, Secret Cave, Pooka, Cultist to see most of the changes.

    Let me know what you think and if you would like to incorporate or if I should simply branch off. After the additional setup changes mentioned above, I fear my next plans may change it a bit too much for your liking.

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Dominoid,

      Those changes look really cool! I especially like the use of GIFs to display split pile cards, and the base cards tableau works much better than my original piecemeal attempt at it does. I’ll shoot you an email about incorporating the changes. πŸ™‚


  18. Psykonurz

    Hi Toskk

    When should we expect an addition from the newest set Renaissance to come up? (also with Projects).
    thank you!

    1. Toskk Post author

      Hi Psykonurz,

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’m just about finished with schoolwork for another Semester, and should have time to get Renaissance loaded in the next couple weeks. πŸ™‚


    2. Toskk Post author

      Ok, v1.6.5 adds Renaissance. πŸ™‚ As usual, you may need to refresh your browser cache before the new version loads. If anyone spots any unusual behavior from the update, please let me know! Thanks,



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