Oct 29

Quarterstaff Tomb of the Setmoth


One of my first experiences with the Fantasy Role-Playing Game genre, Quarterstaff will always be one of my favorite games. It still holds up reasonably well, too, partly because of the need for resource management and the lack of ‘leveling’ mechanics in the game. A player can go in hack-and-slash, killing everything, only to eventually realize that some of those ‘foes’ would have probably joined his/her party instead.. or a player can spend hours and hours exploring, only to eventually discover that they’ve completely run out of food, water, or light sources.

For those interested in still trying to play a game from 1988, I can verify that it runs near-flawlessly under OS9 emulation via Sheepshaver. There are two items to note, however. First, the game sound effects won’t work. Those use pre-system-7-sound files, which will only work under OS6. Fortunately, the game does not crash when attempting to play these sound files, as frequently happens with other old Mac games running under emulation. Second, DO NOT play this game with a scroll mouse. The emulator/game seems to treat the mouse wheel scroll as character return, usually rapidly skipping you through dozens of game turns with a spin.

Although I have only uploaded the first section of the game walkthrough so far, I have all but the final game level completed, which I will eventually upload here. If there is still interest out there in this game and walkthrough, though, I might be persuaded to hasten that process.