Quarterstaff Walkthrough

Quarterstaff: The Tomb of Setmoth is a text-based fantasy role-playing game with an interesting mix of combat, puzzle solving, and resource management. Released in 1988 by Infocom, the game was unique in a number of ways. Not only was it the first fantasy role-playing game to combine a text-based interface with graphical overview maps, it was also Infocom’s only title to be published exclusively for the Macintosh. The game utilizes a turn-based party system and a fairly complex set of commands.

Quarterstaff is, I believe, officially ‘abandonware’ now, and can be downloaded for free from the Mac Garden site here:


While the game does not run natively on current generation Macintosh computers, it does run nearly flawlessly under OS9 emulation using SheepShaver. Some suggestions for playing the game using SheepShaver are available here.

Quarterstaff Guide/Walkthrough (Warning: contains spoilers):

Quarterstaff Characters

Titus Titus, your main character throughout Quarterstaff, was very probably the only sucker the Druids could find dumb enough to willingly battle against the demon Setmoth! Starting Equipment: Broadsword, Match, Pretzel, Sleep Potion, Small Lantern, Small Torch Starting Proficiencies: Sharp: 35% Cold: 32% Acid: 32% Blunt: 32% Innate Resistances: 20% Heat reduction Other Abilities: None …

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Quarterstaff Enemies

Quarterstaff is full of NPCs, some that will join you in your quest to defeat Setmoth, some that will attack you on sight, and some that are just indifferent. Theoretically, you could attack and kill every NPC you encounter, even those that are willing to join your party (this is not a good strategy), so …

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Quarterstaff Level One

Like many other text-based RPGs of the time, Quarterstaff is based around solving puzzles rather than on hack-and-slash or character advancement (leveling). The puzzles are surprisingly complicated, and sometimes stump players for hours or even days. With that foreword, I would recommend only reading this walkthrough if you have already won the game and are …

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Quarterstaff Level Three

Throne Entrance    Welcome to Level Three, and the final sections of the game! To get into the Throne Room, open the Stone Bin, take out the Blue Ball, and place it in the Stone Hole. Throne Room    Before moving deeper into Level Three, you’ll definitely want to recruit Sandra (and maybe Piffer too). Sandra and …

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Quarterstaff Level Two

Small Chamber    Welcome to Level Two! Although there is a secret exit here, leading to the Dark Chamber and Dirk, I would recommend heading west first, as there is no easy way back once you open the secret door. To open the secret door, have two characters in order first ‘pull north torch’ and then …

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Quarterstaff Magic Items

Quarterstaff is full of potions, rings, wands, gems, and other interesting items, and many have unique and sometimes bizarre properties. While one or two of these items are necessary to acquire to win the game, the majority of them are entirely optional. Some are quite useful, (for example a potion that restores HP or removes …

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Quarterstaff Misty Maze

Misty Room    At first glance, the misty maze looks like a massively convoluted and frustrating mess, and if you don’t have a walkthrough or map the maze is definitely difficult to navigate the first time you encounter it. Really though, as long as you can dispell the notion that room entrances and exits should be …

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Quarterstaff Weapons

Characters in quarterstaff have Health (HP), Weight and Bulk (the volume and mass of the objects the character can carry), (Weapon) Proficiencies, and Resistances (damage reduction), but do not have other attributes typically found in fantasy roleplaying games, such as Strength, Dexterity/Agility, and Stamina/Constitution. Also, characters do not level (raise their abilities in incremental jumps), …

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  1. Donovan

    You can get the Insane Druid to join your party. Use the whip to knock his hands free, wield the berserker sword the same turn, then leave the area. Drop the berserker sword and return. He’ll join your party after a little foreplay (smiling, kissing, hugging, etc … lol)

  2. Toskk

    Wow.. thanks Donovan! That is thoroughly cool. 🙂 Heck, I’m pleased just to hear about people still playing this game, not to mention finding new things out about it. 😉 I’ll have to give that one a try! I still have a number of parts of the walk-through still needing to be uploaded. I’ll have to edit in befriending the Insane Druid, too.

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