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Quarterstaff Enemies

Quarterstaff is full of NPCs, some that will join you in your quest to defeat Setmoth, some that will attack you on sight, and some that are just indifferent. Theoretically, you could attack and kill every NPC you encounter, even those that are willing to join your party (this is not a good strategy), so be careful who you attack. If in doubt, try greeting or smiling at the NPC.. if it turns around and runs you through with a sword, you’re probably not making a sale.

An important thing to remember is that because characters in Quarterstaff don’t level or gain experience like in many other RPGs, if the enemy doesn’t have anything useful and can be avoided it’s probably best to just skip the battle. All weapons eventually break and there are very few healing items in the game, so make sure each fight you get into is necessary.

The following table lists every enemy found in the game, along with HP and Resistance estimates (these have been extensively tested, but may not be exact), the standard location of the enemy, what it’s carrying, and a rough strategy on how to beat it. It is difficult to calculate the exact Resistance amount for an enemy, so I often use the terms ‘High’ (meaning 70-90% reduction), or ‘Moderate’ (meaning 40-60%) reduction. Resistances include bonuses from items the enemy is wearing. A few enemies move around, and the listed room may not be exactly where you find it. The list of items carried by the creature is not complete (I generally did not list items that don’t do anything).

Enemy HP Resistances Location Items Strategy
Boffo 75 None Sleeping Chamber Maple Quarterstaff Boffo is tougher than Rufo, and should be defeated first. Having Eolene throw darts or shoot from the Dining Area to kill or incapacitate Boffo or Rufo before going into the room helps.
Chief Torturer 100 None Rec Room Black Whip Immediately after entering the Rec Room, have Titus 'close manacles on Chief'. This will immobilize the Chief Torturer for the duration of the fight!
Druid Guard 85 None Rec Room Once the Chief Torturer is immobilized, have Titus and Bruno both attack the Druid Guard.
Gelatinous Cube 180
Moderate Sharp reduction
Moderate Blunt reduction
High Poison reduction
D1-D5 (Moves frequently) Orc Faced Brooch Do not attempt to attack the Cube with melee weapons! Every time you hit the cube, your weapon will disintegrate! Worse, the Cube stuns a character when it hits. Putting the cube to sleep (with the Sleep Wand) and running is a sound strategy.. or just flat-out fleeing works too. If you really want to kill it, try attacking it with burning torches.
Giant Lizard 9-33 None Treasure Chest, Treasure Vault East
Diamond Choker
This enemy is found inside the invisible Treasure Chest. It has a poisonous bite.
Granite Statue 1000
60% Sharp reduction
High Missile reduction
High Cold reduction
High Electric reduction
Immunity to sleep
Immunity to stunning
Immunity to poison
Circular Room See the Granite Statue page.
Grue 10 None Old Store Room Ring of Sustenance Grue is not a worthy opponent. To get to him, however, have a character drink the Thick Potion to switch bodies with Grue. Have Grue open the Ash Room door from the inside, and then have him drink the Thick Potion to revert bodies. Attack him afterwards if you really want.
Huge Spider 33 None Damp Hall None Just attack it with everyone. The Spider has very few HP, but causes poison when it hits.
Insane Druid 150 None East Alcove Berserker Sword Either disarm and recruit him, or just attack him with Titus and Bruno, and have Eolene shoot him full of arrows. The Insane Druid will move around if you don't fight him early in the game.
Large Hellhound 60
Moderate Sharp Reduction
Moderate Blunt Reduction
Death Chamber E None The Hellhound has very few HP, but does a large amount of Heat damage. Its breath even sets characters on fire for continued Heat damage! Have Eolene throw darts to Poison it while everyone else attacks, and then flee and wait for it to die. Titus is the best person to have as party leader for this fight, because of his innate Heat Resistance. If any party members get set on fire, remember to 'extinguish' them!
Peave 35 None Altar Balcony
Green Dart
Purple Dart
Red Dart
Sleep Wand
White Dart
Immediately after entering the Altar Room, have Eolene start shooting at Peave. Have Titus or Bruno wear the Old Ring and have that character climb the statue, go up, and start attacking Peave. Peave throws poison darts, so have a remove poison potion ready.
Punker 80 10% Blunt reduction Guard Chamber Punker is slow to start attacking, so take out Spike Slipshod first.
Quenlin 100 10% Blunt reduction Priest Chamber
Mithral Mace
Mithral Shield
Quenlin is fairly easy to fight, although the Succubus is with him. Much easier than fighting him is to have Eolene throw any spare darts (use them on the Succubus first) from the Altar Balcony to poison him, and then waiting for him to succumb. Also, Quenlin will only drink his Slime Potion (healing) if you are in the room with him. If you poison him and wait, he won't even think of drinking his potion!
Rufo 120 None Sleeping Chamber Rufo is weaker than Boffo, and should be defeated second. Having Eolene throw darts or shoot from the Dining Area to kill or incapacitate Boffo or Rufo before going into the room helps.
Setmoth 300
Moderate Blunt Reduction
Moderate Sharp Reduction
Moderate Missile Reduction
Tomb Two Handed Sword See the Setmoth page.
Spike Slipshod 60
10% Blunt reduction
10% Sharp reduction
Guard Chamber
Smoky Potion
Attack Spike first, ignoring Punker until Spike dies.
Succubus 50
50% Missile reduction
High Sharp reduction
High Blunt reduction
Priest Chamber
Death Scroll
Frothy Potion
Small Whip
The Succubus has very high Blunt and Sharp resistances, but is vulnerable to poison. Have Eolene 'throw dart at Succubus' while standing in the Altar Balcony. It should only take one or two darts to poison her. Wait a bunch of turns before going in for the poison to work.
Tarmac 250
High Sharp Reduction
Moderate Missile Reduction
Mithral Broadsword
For being one of the final battles in the game, Tarmac is not at all difficult. He has no Blunt resistance, and doesn't really do very much damage. Just attack him with everyone and he'll go down quickly.
Trinot 100
High Blunt reduction
High Cold reduction
High Heat reduction
High Sharp reduction
Immunity to poison
Immunity to sleep
Moderate Missile reduction
Throne Room
Leather Shield
Potion of Healing
To fight the Trinot, push the Tiger Eye on the throne in the Throne Room. The Trinot is a very difficult fight, however, and is probably not worth the resources. He has very high resistances to both Sharp and Blunt attacks, and frequently drinks his Potion of Healing. By the time you manage to defeat him, his Trident will be nearly broken, and his potion will be almost used up!
Wild Wizard 175 10% Sharp reduction Bolt Hole
Old Scroll
Potion of Sleep
Teleport Potion
Save before starting this fight. The Wild Wizard will read the Old Scroll and teleport away if the battle takes too long, and you will want to revert and try again.

Granite Statue

The Granite Statue is possibly the toughest fight in the entire game, and many people suggest just running past him instead of fighting. He has an incredible number of HP (right around 1,000), a very high Resistance to Sharp weapons (60% damage reduction), and wields the terrifying Mace of Destruction, one of the most powerful …

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The Demon Setmoth is the final challenge in Quarterstaff. Even the Druid Council at the height of its power wasn’t able to kill him, but they want you to try anyway. With the exception of the Granite Statue, Setmoth is by far the toughest enemy in the game. He has high HP and does an …

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  1. Colin Barcume

    You can also fire an arrow or throw an item at the mace in his hand. If it hits he will drop the weapon. The next turn of course he will pick it back up, but if you time it with other people, you can have someone hit the mace with an arrow and another “Drag Mace of Destruction East” in the same turn in anticipation. They will move the mace into the next room in the same round. The Granite Statue won’t follow. It’s been 25 years but I recall that he had fists he would punch with if disarmed. They did a lot of damage as well. You could disarm them too like the Succubus’ teeth.

  2. Toskk

    Hi Colin,

    Awesome! I never thought to try shooting it out of his hand.. I’d tested disarming him with a whip (he’s immune), and assumed that meant he was immune to all disarming methods. Do you happen to remember if he wakes up (quickly) while trying to disarm him?

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