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Quarterstaff Level Three


Throne Entrance

   Welcome to Level Three, and the final sections of the game! To get into the Throne Room, open the Stone Bin, take out the Blue Ball, and place it in the Stone Hole.

Throne Room

   Before moving deeper into Level Three, you'll definitely want to recruit Sandra (and maybe Piffer too). Sandra and Piffer both wander north and south between the Plinth Room and the Ward (Sandra can wander as far south as the Tar Pit). Start with Sandra, as you'll have the best luck recruiting Piffer if Sandra is the party leader at that point. Eolene seems to have the best luck recruiting Sandra, so make her the party leader, and start with the usual greetings and smiles. Be sure that Piffer isn't also in the room when you start giving Sandra small shiny objects, though. He'll get jealous and actually attack you! It will take a while, but eventually (with enough greetings and shiny objects) Sandra will join the party. With Sandra recruited, make her the party head, and repeat the process on Piffer. It takes a whole lot of shiny objects to recruit him, and he's definitely the weakest party member, so if you end up not having enough shiny objects to entice him don't feel too bad about it. Only four characters can fit into the tomb to fight Setmoth, anyway. You probably will want to explore the areas north and south of the Throne Room before proceeding on to the Charred room and the end of the game, but when you're ready for that, press the Star Ruby in the throne to open the way east. Also, if you're really itching for a tough fight, you can press the Tiger Eye in the throne to summon forth Trinot. Trinot hits very hard, has high resistances, and will drink his own Potion of Healing, making him a real pain. Many players just skip fighting him, but if you really want to kill him, just attack him with everyone.


   The entrances to the Tar Pit and Crypt are restricted by gender, making accessing the Crypt an unusual kind of puzzle. Split the party, making sure to give Titus the Grimy Key and the Scarab of Insanity. By wearing and removing the Scarab, a character can switch their gender back and forth, enabling (only) them to pass through to the Crypt. Have Titus wear the Scarab, and send him south into the Tar Pit.

Tar Pit

   Remove the Scarab, and head south again into the Crypt.


   Open the Stone Sarcophagus with the Grimy Key, and grab the Cure Disease Potion and Small Bag. Then return to the Ward, and regroup the party.


   The only item of use here is the Green Potion.

Plinth Room

   The door to the Dusty Room is locked from the other side, and I've never been successful at trying to break it down. The trick for getting past it, then, is to have the party 'enter' the Small Bag you found in the Stone Sarcophagus in the Crypt.


Cursed Room

   This is the room your party will get dumped in when you 'enter small bag'. As there's nothing here to see, regroup and head south to the Slippery Passage W.

Slippery Passage W

   To the east is the Slippery Passage, and there are a couple useful items there (the Gold Ring and the Musky Potion), however whenever a character enters the room, they'll immediate slip and slide back to this room. To get them, have Eolene 'shoot gold ring' and 'shoot musky potion' to dislodge the items so they slide to you. Not only will Eolene hit them on the first try, the arrow she uses will slide back into the room too!

Sleep Room

   Anyone entering the Sleep Room will get sleepy.. so head east to the Messy Room and have everyone sleep before moving on.

Gaff's Room

   Break open the War Chest and grab the Crossbow, Ash Quarrel, Grey Quarrel, and Violet Quarrel. When you're ready to leave, put the Gold Ring in the recess, and head east to the Hidden Chamber.

Hidden Chamber

   Push the Mossy Stone, and head south through the Hall of Dread.

Dusty Room

   Pick up the Rusty Key, and use it to unlock the door back to the Plinth Room.

Charred Room

   Any character staying more than a single turn in the Charred Room will burst into flames! Ignore the Bronze Seal for now.. once you acquire the Bronze Seal Key for it, you can return here, quickly open the seal and take the Sleepless Potion, exit the room again, and 'extinguish' any character who caught on fire in the process.


   When you're ready for a fight, place the Black Gem in the demon's mouth to open the gateway doors and summon Tarmac. Tarmac isn't all that tough.. his only real trick is that his Dancing Sword will animate and attack you on its own while he attacks you with his Mithral Broadsword. Once you defeat him, just wait around for his Dancing Sword to deanimate and fall to the ground so you can take it.

Inner Chamber

   You can use the Tomb Room Key to unlock the way to the tomb. Just remember to keep the key, as you'll need it one more time ahead.


   The only useful item here is the Purple Potion.

Death Chamber E

   Guarding the entrance to the Tomb Room is the dangerous Large Hellhound.

Tomb Room

   This is it, you're just one room away from the final battle against Setmoth! When you're ready, you can unlock the tomb using the Tomb Room Key, but you will definitely want to be sure the whole party is fully healed and appropriately armed for this fight. See the Setmoth Page for more information and suggestions on how to defeat him.

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