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Quarterstaff Level Two


Small Chamber

   Welcome to Level Two! Although there is a secret exit here, leading to the Dark Chamber and Dirk, I would recommend heading west first, as there is no easy way back once you open the secret door. To open the secret door, have two characters in order first 'pull north torch' and then 'pull south torch'. This must be done in a single turn to work.

Short Hall

   Unless you've already been through most of Level Two, DON'T go north from here! It leads to the maze area (and eventually Level Three), but there are several required items in Level Two that you're going to need before going there. The way south leads to the Circular Room, but probably before going there you want to go west into the Deadfall Room.

Deadfall Room

   Merely entering the Deadfall Room triggers the opening of the secret door to the Guard Chamber. Grab the Elven Cloak here if you like, and head into the Guard Chamber for a big fight.

Guard Chamber

   The first duo you have to fight together, Spike and Punker are annoying simply because Punker can stun you with his Leather Bludgeon. Despite this, Spike is the more dangerous of the two, and should be your first target. Attack him with Titus and Bruno, and have Eolene shoot him full of arrows. Once Spike falls, switch to Punker and repeat the process. There are lots of nice items here, so take your time. The Chain Shirt is a great piece of armour, and the Leather Armour is good too. If you need another pair of boots the Biker Boots are fine, and the Rusted Mace and the Leather Bludgeon are good backup Blunt weapons. The Maple Chest is trapped with a poison needle, so don't just grab the Silver Key and open it. There is a way to safely get the Red Potion inside: Just have Bruno smash the thing open. To get out of the Guard Chamber again, have someone 'move bunk bed'.

Circular Room

   For many people, this room is the toughest spot in the game. The Granite Statue here is an incredibly tough opponent (most people don't even try to kill him), and the exits to the room are designed to trap you inside the room! There are a few tricks to getting through the room with only suffering a minimal amount of damage (You'll only at most take one hit from the Statue's Mace of Destruction). Immediately after entering the room, 'split' the party. Have the first character (usually Titus) 'open <direction>' the way you want to go. Usually the first place to go is south, then west, and finally east. While the first character is opening the door, have the other two go that direction. What happens is that the character who opened the door will get pinned against the wall for a moment, and the door will slam shut before they can get out. On the second round, have the first character 'pass'. Yes, it means they'll be attacked by the Statue, but if they try to exit the door will slam shut and stun them again! Have one of the two characters who made it out of the room 'open' the door from the other side, and at the start of round three have the first character leave the room (finally). For those brave souls considering trying to kill the Statue, check out the Granite Statue page.

Altar Room

   At first glance there doesn't appear to be anything interesting happening here. That all changes in a round or two when Peave starts throwing poison darts down at the party from the Altar Balcony above! It is imperative to get to Peave and take him out quickly, and there is a quite simple way to get to him. While Eolene can shoot Peave from where she is, Titus and Bruno need to get up close and personal. Have each of them 'climb statue' to get closer to the Balcony, and then have them go up. It takes two rounds, but it's a sure-fire way to get to Peave. The more cure poison potions you have the better for this fight. If necessary, you can have a character 'throw' a potion up to the rest of the party on the Balcony (it won't break).


Altar Balcony

   Once you get to the Balcony, taking out Peave is quite easy. He has very few HP, and doesn't really do much damage with his darts (unless you don't have cure poison potions handy). Peave has a few fairly nice items, but by far the best are the poisoned darts! Eolene is fantastic with these, and they can end many fights without ever having to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Just poison the enemy, and sit back and wait for a few rounds. Speaking of which, there's a perfect opportunity to test the darts right here! West from the Balcony is the Priest Chamber, where Quenlin is cavorting with a Succubus. Immediately after getting Eolene to the Balcony, have her 'throw dart at Succubus', using the colored (non-sleep) darts. You won't be able to see her, but you'll be notified if you hit her. Once she is poisoned, continue throwing darts to poison Quenlin too. With them both poisoned, you can take your time looting Peave's corpse, and then casually stroll into the Priest Chamber. Other nice items on Peave include the Sleep Wand and the Yellowed Scroll (in the Shallow Chest).

Priest Chamber

   The Druid Council was concerned when it elected Quenlin the next Grand Druid that he was not a strong-enough leader, and it is pretty obvious he had 'other interests'. I mean, what would you be doing with a leather-clad woman holding a whip in YOUR room? Enough said. Anyway, both Quenlin and the Succubus will attack you promptly once you enter the Priest Chamber, and together this is a tough fight. The Succubus, in particular, is a pain. She has very high Resistances to most weapons, and takes forever to kill. The best method for killing them is to poison them (especially the Succubus) from the Altar Balcony using Peave's darts. This is one of the few absolutely required fights in the game, because Quenlin is carrying the Black Gem, one of the three required items to win the game. Two really nice items (the Short Sword and the Heal Potion) are hidden inside the Desk. To get to them, either break the desk (difficult), or have a character 'move desk'. The two keys are used in the Sentinel Room nearby.

Sentinel Room

   The only interesting thing in the Sentinel Room is the Weapons Rack. Use the key from the Priest Chamber to unlock it, and take what you want (but avoid the shield). Honestly, the only weapon that's any good in the Rack is the Scimitar. Once you have finished here, it's time to head back to the Circular room, and use the door opening technique to go west.

Dining Area

   Other than good eating and fresh water, there's not much here. If you have any darts left, have Eolene throw them at Rufo and Boffo in the Sleeping Chamber to make the upcoming fight easier.

Sleeping Chamber

   Although neither Boffo or Rufo are very difficult enemies, it is still nice to somehow take one out before engaging the other. Darts work well, as does the Sleep Wand. Once you enter the room, Boffo is the more dangerous of the two, so you should kill him first. Boffo's Maple Quarterstaff is a fairly good Blunt weapon, doing consistently high damage. Once you clear the Sleeping Chamber, head back to the Circular Room, and head east.



   The Gelatinous Cube can often be found sleeping here, although when awake it wanders back and forth between D1 and D5. Most players suggest just fleeing past the Cube, or forcing it to sleep (using darts or the Sleep Wand) and then fleeing. At first glance, this is definitely the best strategy.. not only does the Cube have high HP, very high Resistances, and stuns when it hits, it will melt (break) any melee weapon that hits it! Worse, it is practially immune to Poison, so don't bother trying the poison-and-wait strategy. So, what do you do? Break out the torches! Have each party member light and hold a torch just before entering the Cube's area (D1-D5). It takes a while, particularly because the party leader will spend most of the fight stunned, but eventually you'll cook it to death.


   DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA! Any character entering this area will trigger an explosive land mine, dealing around 50 Electricity damage to all characters in the area!


   The Dark Hall to the south is trapped with a Crossbow Trap. There are several methods to avoid getting hit by the bolt, the easiest being to just have the party leader wear a shield. The bolt will slam into the shield instead of the character. The other method is to simply 'throw <object> south' once you open the door. The bolt will hit the object, which can then be recollected.


   DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA! Any character entering this area will trigger an explosive land mine, dealing around 45 Fire damage to all characters in the area!


   DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA! Any character entering this area will trigger an explosive land mine, dealing around 50 Electricity damage to all characters in the area!


   DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA! Any character entering this area will fall into a remarkably-difficult-to-spot pit! It's fairly easy to climb back out, but you still take some damage in the process. The solution to getting past this room is to have each character 'jump' north from B5, skipping right over the pit!


   There is a trapdoor directly under the floor of this area, triggered by the opening of the east door. Before doing this, you'll definitely want to prepare. Only a character wearing the Old Ring will be able to climb out of the Brine Pit below. Also, if your party leader is not wearing the Old Ring, the moment you open the door the whole party will fall into the Pit. My usual method is to have Titus (or the party leader) wear the Old Ring, open the door, split the party, and have Titus (and only Titus) go down.

Brine Pit

   Make sure only one character (the one wearing the Old Ring) enters the Brine Pit. Take the Large Shield and the Grimy Key, and open the Wooden War Chest. Inside are a number of vials of colored dust, useful for revealing the Invisible Lever which will open the trapdoor again. Have the character 'break vial' (it may take a few tries), and then pull the lever, return to C5 and rejoin the party. One very important note: Keep the Grimy Key! It will be used again in Level Three.

Dark Hall

   Grab the Pink Quarrel here (the one from the Crossbow Trap), and head on.


   The only thing of value here is the Pink Potion inside the Old Leather Pouch.

Ash Room

   One on the most interesting features about the game is introduced here. It turns out that each character has any number of extra 'hidden' abilities and skills, hard-coded into the character. For example, in the Ash Room, Bruno is the only member of the party able to see the Silver Ring lying on the ground! Another kind of hidden ability is which languages a character understands: there's a plaque later in the game that can only be read by Dwarves (Sandra and Piffer), for example. To get past the door into the Old Store Room, have one of your characters drink the Thick Potion to switch bodies with Grue (he's in the Old Store Room), and have him go south. If you are going to attack Grue, make sure you have him drink the Thick Potion to switch bodies back first! His Ring of Sustenance is an unusual item, but not all that useful.

Dark Chamber

   The second required item for winning the game can be found here (the Hydra Blood is sitting on the Old Bench), as well as another NPC you can recruit: Dirk. Characteristic of the later NPCs you can recruit, Dirk will have to be bribed to get him to join your party. Basically, do the meet and greet, and then just start having your party leader give Dirk small, shiny stuff. Gems are great, as are rings, wands, bracelets, torques, etc. Food items can also interest NPCs. It takes a few items, but eventually Dirk will join your group. After recruiting Dirk and grabbing the Hydra Blood (the Raja Flask is a good water container to grab as well), head east.


   Here's another place where only Bruno can see the item, in this case a big Teak Box. No, I have no idea why it's so hard to spot, it's just sneaky I guess. Have Bruno smash open the chest to find the Diary of your nemesis (and one twisted individual) Setmoth! Read the Diary to find out just how creepy he is. There is a secret exit to the east. To open it, have a character 'move bookshelf'.


   Grab the Gaudy Scroll here, and get ready for the maze and Level Three! If you've still got places to go in Level Two, have each member of your party 'jump south' to bypass the pit in A5. Before heading down into what is unofficially called 'the misty maze', you probably want to have your party leader put on the Old Ring. Also, although the White Goggles will allow a single character to navigate the maze instantly, the rest of the party will be left behind, so you probably don't want to use them. When you're ready, head down to the Misty Maze!


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  1. Shawn

    Hi Toskk, or Jesse. I’ve been scouring the internet for any/all Quarterstaff walkthroughs and found your site. I used to play this game to death when I was younger, but was never able to finish it. Thanks for the tips.

    One thing I’d like to bring up that doesn’t seem to be covered in here: There seems to be a hidden/secret room I have never been able to access (through HOURS of playing). There’s even a hint for it in the hints menu but for the life of me I have never been able to access it, if it was even included in the final version. The area in question is just to the north of the Dining Area, in the L Hall ( I think). My map shows part of a room connected to the north of that wall but nothing I’ve ever tried has revealed a room. Have you ever encountered this? If so, do you have any clue how to access it? Thanks!

    1. Toskk

      Hi Shawn,

      *laugh* I actually have an (unreleased) page about undiscovered secrets about the game, and that exact topic is on it! 😛 Sadly, no, I have never been able to figure out how to get into that room north of the L Hall either. 🙁 I too have put hours into trying everything I can think of to get to that room. 😛 If you ever figure it out, please let me know! 😀 There are lots of items, as well, that seem like should have some game effect, but I have never been able to figure out.

      I do actually have the final parts of the walkthrough almost finished, though. Have you been able to complete the game already? If it would be helpful, I could finish those up fairly quickly and get them published. 😉

  2. Shawn

    Glad to know I’m not the only one who can’t figure that secret room out. I still haven’t finished the game yet but when I have a spare hour or two I plan on working my way through it–if my kids will let me, that is. I think the furthest I ever got was the whole area involving crates and only certain party members being able to go into the rooms. I’m running the game on a Windows laptop using the Basilisk II emulator, as I haven’t owned a Mac since the late 90’s. I just got the game up and running correctly after a few hitches. It’s funny, it was my older brother who owned the game back in the day but I think I played it a lot more than he ever did =) I’d love to see whatever else you have for a walkthrough, when you get it published. Thanks for the nostalgia!

    1. Toskk

      Hi Shawn,

      Excellent, I will get level 3 of the walkthrough finished up asap. 🙂 Yeah, I first played the game in middle school (a friend of mine owned it), but at the time was never able to get past about that same spot you are. It wasn’t until many years later I discovered that I still had the installer disks. 😉

      Oh, if you haven’t seen it before, here is the actual map image file (ripped from the game data files) for level 2:


      It shows the full size of that hidden room. 🙂

      1. Shawn

        The last time I played Quarterstaff on an actual Mac was the old Centris 610 my dad bought years ago. Unfortunately it’s about a thousand miles away and the power button sticks so it’s hard to turn on and off. It also crashes occasionally which makes it a pain to finish the game. This emulator business is much smoother and I don’t have to retrieve the old computer to do it. Thanks for the map. I’m dying to know if that room is even accessible.

        Is there a way to access the contents of the game files? I remember someone mentioning there was a way to do it (my older brother perhaps?). I have no idea even what kind of files they are or how to access the contents.

        I look forward to your game updates!

        1. Toskk

          Hi Shawn,

          Yeah, I run the game under emulation too (albeit on a Mac). It won’t run under OSX 10.9, so I have to emulate OS 9 using SheepShaver to get it to run. Everything other than audio (the sound files use pre-OS 7 files) works great, although I have to not use a wheel mouse when I play (because the wheel gets treated as character return for some reason, skipping me through hundreds of game turns with a spin). 😛

          There are old programs like ResEdit that you can access the game data using, however just about everything other than image data is encoded somehow (and thus not editable, unless someone can figure out the encoding scheme). i.e. all of the maps are available, and the various character and item images the game uses, but that’s about it.

          I just looked back through my level 3 walkthrough file, and it looks like it shouldn’t take too much work to finish up. 🙂 Hopefully I’ll be able to get it finished in the next couple days. Thanks!

  3. Vince

    Toskk, thanks for putting all of this together. I knew I wasn’t the only Quarterstaff fan out there, but it’s delightful to see these walkthroughs. I’ve been working on my own tribute to Quarterstaff, a text-centric RPG for the iPad which uses a map for its primary interface, for the past three years (in those three years I had a kid, so that really affected my productivity, alas).

    About that L-Shaped room: TV Tropes claims there really is no room there, although their mention that investigating the code shows this would be a bit more believable if they had some sort of reference. Here’s the link:

    Thanks again for the walkthrough!

    1. Toskk

      Hi Vince,

      No problem. 🙂 I’ve been impressed at how many folks are still interested in this game, too! A tribute game in the same style sounds neat, as well.. I’d definitely be interested in trying it out when you finish it. 😉 I know how that goes, though.. I have a 18-month old daughter now, and this site hasn’t gotten as much attention recently either. 😉

      Thanks for that TV Tropes link, too.. I agree that it would be nice to have some verification of that L-shaped room secret not actually existing. I wasn’t ever able to interpret the data of the game files to know for sure. 🙁

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