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Quarterstaff Misty Maze


Misty Room

   At first glance, the misty maze looks like a massively convoluted and frustrating mess, and if you don't have a walkthrough or map the maze is definitely difficult to navigate the first time you encounter it. Really though, as long as you can dispell the notion that room entrances and exits should be two-directional (i.e. in the maze, going west and then immediately east doesn't necessarily take you back to the room you started in), you'll do fine in the maze. Further, the maze is almost entirely devoid of items, so you don't really want to explore it so much as get through as quickly as possible, and it turns out there is a very quick way to get through it. Before getting started, I'd recommend wearing any levitation items you may have, and having anyone not levitating wearing some boots. A fall is coming up. When you're ready, head east twice to get to the Mist Chamber.

Fog Room

   The Fog Room is the one room in the whole maze you really don't want to visit, and there are a lot of ways to inadvertently get there. Every time you enter the Fog Room your whole party will get poisoned. This poison does one point of damage to you every time you move, and multiple visits to the Fog Room will increase the damage you take too (e.g. visiting the Fog Room twice in a row means that everyone will take two damage every time they move instead of just one). If you do get poisoned, however, don't waste poison removal potions! Entering the Mist Chamber will instantly remove any poison effects from all party members.

Mist Chamber

   Any party member not wearing a levitation item will fall into the Gas Room when they try to enter the Mist Chamber.

Gas Room

   Re-assemble your party, making sure to have everyone pick up and equip their weapons. The one item in the entire maze can be found here, as well.. a Dusty Torch. Grab it, and then head north to the Foggy Chamber, and finish the maze by going south from the Foggy Chamber to get to the Pentagram Room.

Pentagram Room

   Figuring out what to do with the Iron Pentagram is one of the toughest puzzles in the game.. so if you want the challenge of trying to figure it out for yourself, stop reading now. Hopefully, you brought the Hydra Blood (from the Dark Chamber) with you, because here's where you need it. Give it to Titus, and split the party. Have Titus 'enter iron pentagram', and then have him 'drop hydra blood'. Finally, have Titus 'light hydra blood', and then 'suicide'.. yes.. commit suicide.

Glass Pentagram

   After comitting suicide, you'll find yourself in this room. The very dangerous Trinot is here too, but thankfully he hasn't noticed you yet. Don't wait around though.. leave the pentagram right away. If you really want to kill the Trinot you'll have an opportunity later with a full party. On your own, he'll likely wipe the floor with you.

Safe Room

   The only object in the Safe Room is the safe 'Dial'. To open the safe, 'turn dial right' twice, then 'turn dial left' once, and finally 'turn dial right' once more. A Red Plaque will appear. 'Move plaque' to open the way to the Secret Chamber to the south. Be sure NOT to go north from this room, though. The Empty Alcove to the north contains a very nasty trap (and nothing else).

Empty Alcove

   DO NOT ENTER THIS AREA! Any character entering this area will trigger a lightning rod trap, dealing around 55 Electricity damage!

Secret Chamber

   Grab the Tomb Room Key, the final required item for winning the game, and then press the Red Button to open the way back to the Safe Room. Back in the Safe Room, enter the pentagram again, and commit suicide one more time. Don't worry if the Trinot attacks you.. you'll be restored at full health on the other side. Regroup the party, and then head east to Level Three!