Toskk's Bear Tank Optimizer v4.1.1 (TBC Classic Patch 2.5.2)

How to use

This uses a TTL (Time To Live) model to calculate how strong each stat is for a 70 bear tank. It works by determining how long you will survive with no external heals based on the inputs you provide. Enter your unbuffed stats at the top of the page and the program will display the boss's offense after your mitigation/avoidance. You can customize features such as how strong the boss is, if they use special abilities, your talents, and raid buffs. Click the expansion chevrons to see more options.

The calculator will show your TTL stat weights. By default it shows how much time each stat gives you, but you can change it with the dropdown menu if you prefer AEP etc. You can select a slot from the Gear List dropdown to see which item is the better with these weights, and can filter by raid tier, pre-raid, or pre-heroic. TTL equations do not consider your damage done/threat, so purely offensive stats like strength are ignored. Stats which contribute very little to TTL like crit are included in the calculations, but hidden from the gear display to avoid clutter.

You can customize your gem preferences and this will be included in the item's TTL score. The calculator can also remove a piece of gear from your character for making the comparision. To do this, find the item you're wearing in the gear list. The right-most column gives an ID number. Enter this in the "Remove the piece of gear with ID#" input next to the Generate button. For example, if you're expertise capped while wearing gloves with 100 armor and 30 expertise. The calculator starts with your final stats and looks at each item. For your gloves, it adds an additional 100 armor/30 expertise decides scores the item incorrectly due to being overcapped/wrong armor total. If you enter the ID# for these gloves, the calculator will start you with your stats -100 armor and -30 expertise, and fairly compare all the items.

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Toskk's TTL calculator was started in the original Burning Crusade was maintained through Cataclysm. In recognition, Blizzard named an item after him in WotLK. The page has been revived for classic-TBC and we plan to continue updates for it, so feel free to leave feedback.
- Toskk & Captain Jigs

Player Stats and Item Bonuses
Agility Stamina Armor Defense Rating
Dodge Rating Resilience Rating Haste Rating Hit Rating
Critical Strike Rating Expertise Rating Resist (Boss's school) Night Elf   Tauren
Player Talents
Boss's Attacks
Raid Buffs
Use trinkets on cooldown
Gem quality: Red: Yellow: Blue:
Value with respect to: Gear List:
Remove the piece of gear with ID#: (-1 for none)