Origami Dragon


Long-Necked Dragon
Complexity: **** (Complex)

A long-necked dragon featuring shoulder-placed wings and a head with horns, a lower jaw, and a snout. This open back model is folded from a Balloon Base using a single square of paper. I would recommend using foil-coated Origami paper of at least 5 7/8″ size. Diagrams for this model are also available in .pdf format here (10.5 MB). More information about how the model was designed (including its crease pattern) can be found here.

Origami Dragon Page 1
Origami Dragon Page 2
Origami Dragon Page 3Origami Dragon Page 4Origami Dragon Page 5Origami Dragon Page 6Origami Dragon Page 7Origami Dragon Page 8Origami Dragon Page 9Origami Dragon Page 10

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