World of Warcraft Feral Druid Modeling

Well, with the re-release of the Burning Crusade expansion for WoW Classic, I have resumed development on the feral druid DPS and tanking models. Version 3.0.0. of the feral DPS model is now published here, and the feral tanking model should be finished soon too. I’ll be posting many more notes about ongoing development of the models, but here are a few introductory comments about the dps model so far:

Currently, the dps model uses (raid) buffed cat form stats. I eventually plan to switch this over to using unbuffed caster form stats, however that will be a major undertaking (for those that remember the old WotLK model interface, it will need checkboxes for every possible buff).

The dps model as implemented incorporates a “perfect” attack cycle, including 100% Mangle debuff uptime, perfect energy usage and Rip uptime, and optimal powershifting usage. I’ll write more about powershifting at a later time, too. The dps model also currently outputs a lot more data than is strictly necessary within the model itself. For example, it will report the relative damage-per-energy of most cat form attacks, even though the model itself only uses Mangle, Shred, and Rip.

Anyway, more to come later, but I’m happy to be back! – Toskk